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What color contacts is the natural shape of the dark eyes?

I have dark brown eyes. I have to choose between Acuvue 2 colors. That the future is very black and more natural eyes? Is it .... Chestnut Brown, Hazel Green Jade Green hot honey (tan), Sapphire Blue, Deep Blue (dark blue)-Pearl Grey (Light Grey) Please tell me what I do .. I can not make my decision.

I would go with brown. It will be difficult to see the colors of all modes with their natural dark brown eyes. I like the ease with hot honey!

How to cultivate and care for a jade plant

In general, the jade plant is very easy to grow. This plant is native to a Succulent country Argentina. Warm, dry place where the factory will do everything possible. Flowering plants are natural, but often do not bloom indoors. At least eight years of growth are needed before planting flowers jade.

Most home gardeners do not buy a jade plant for its attractive flowers. I bought it for the leaves blue-green foliage and which derives its name. With appropriate conditions of cultivation and maintenance Jade plants can reach three meters high. But do not expect a jade grown outdoors to reach this size.

In deciding on a floor of your facility, choose a way of cactus and sand silt. Many varieties can be found in a breeding center approaches jade plant natural environment. Succulents are prone to root rot, so be careful not to over water.

poor soils Water well drained to reduce the risk of rot problems in constant development. Of course, all the pots of growth must be filled drainage holes. Besides a first layer of pebbles in the soil can then drain well.

Be aware not to let your jade plant from becoming too dry, either. If you see jade leaves begin to fall-off, and the plant looks sick and rough water shortage is most likely. If this happens, prune patients and water in the plant. It is more probable that the plant rejuvenate health.

The Jade plant is a sun of love. So you want to give at least five hours of sun each day. Choose a window that offers more sun as possible. The jade plant must be very good with water Casual and sufficient sunshine.

In the purchase of its plant to make from a nursery considered. Inspect installation for good health. The new leaves and shoots should be developed. Look to see if the roots are wound tight or culture in a pot with space to spare. Look at the underside of leaves of aphids and other garden insects.

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Steve Habib is an online researcher on the subject of growing and caring for a variety of plants. You can find more insights and groundbreaking research on growing and caring for the  Jade Plant


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