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u do not think they are creative toys for hermit crabs.? "

Well, I wanted to wear a large helmet with calcium itself. perfect for climbing and the tips of the shell are even better for climbing. another would be a shell supported along the leg against the tank glass sponges, Large sea (originally used to paint the walls) are against the wall. I used to do something sponge stick against the wall where I can remove them to wet. I just want them to stick to keep them crabs. and one is a little more than the deposits used for climbing. Calcium is ready on the shells, I like it because it gives a more natural and 2, makes the skin is rough for them to climb better. These ideas are different than normal drift wood and special toys. do u think are good ideas. i can just try hot glue, you see, they are sponges wall so they have huge slices of these dishes and they work perfectly a corner of the tank.

They are the big ideas, big sponges for painting are the company's quality and can be treated with harmful chemicals, so would find the level of pet in the pet shop to fix his ass then hit me in a climbing stick silicone aquarium that will not be harmed by chemicals Moreover, the large shell sounds good, but calcium deposits will be difficult to swallow if necessary to provide a cuttlebone for calcium. soaking the hulls in vinigar diluted with water without chlorine, while products harsh chemicals to clean all the algae and dirt from the casing encrusted with the desire not to be absorbed gradually in the system. A wet substrate as ecofiber give them a cool place to dig and dig and maintain toilet and waste humidty compound on earth, organic fiber mentality, or coconut is the best substrate for hermits. I hpoe help, you can not be too careful in regard to chemicals, including lotions and other hand and body products

What are the differences in the natural stone

The stones of the past seem to be the future! The stone is a product of nature and its appearance is the result of millions of years of geologic change and mineral composition. Color variations and variations in grain, shade, finish, texture, strength, hardness and density are the characteristics of natural stone. Some stones may contain a load of resin to fill natural cracks or pits in the surface of the stone. Particular attention is necessary for the maintenance of natural stone. Consult a local representative of Sales on the specific needs for your stone selection. With proper care, its beauty will last a lifetime.

(Igneous Rock) Granite started as liquid magma in the Earth's core and consists mainly quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals. It is a great resistance compression, hardness and durability make it an ideal choice for floors and countertops and exterior applications.

Marble and Onyx
(Metamorphic Rock) Marble is formed from limestone that was heated by the earth core and transformed into a crystalline structure. It is appreciated for its rich colors, beautiful veins and unique.

(Sedimentary rock) is composed mainly limestone and calcium carbonate is the result millions of years of shells and bones of sea creatures settling on the ocean floor. Sometimes you can see fossils when examined closely.

(Sedimentary rock) started as travertine limestone and is the result of thermal waters in the center of the land. After water evaporated, the mineral layers of limestone and rock has dissolved his appearance in rows. The characteristic holes in the stone are the result of gas bubbles evaporate and form crystals in the cavities. These cavities are sometimes left unchanged for a more rustic and old filled with epoxy color and improved by a stronger effect surface.

(Metamorphic) Slate consists of layers of shale compressed sedimentary rocks can be separated to reveal beautiful colors and textured surfaces. Slate can be split and moved with its surface natural cleft or calibrated for a more uniform thickness.

(Metamorphic) Similar to slate, quartzite contains 95% quartz and a higher concentration of mica which gives it a glossy texture.

The current trend of travertine stone is without a doubt - also old as possible research. There are several things you can do to create new stone finishes. Here is a list of finishes Popular:

People Seniors:
This can mean different things to different manufacturers. The surface is usually brushed or polished with different pads, creating Antique. Sometimes the surface is washed with acid, exposing a dimpled surface (This works especially well with travertine). The edges have tend to have a look broken or collapsed. Basically, the stone looks like it has been around a while.

Brushing teeth:
Wire brushes are used in the surface creating a wavy appearance.

There are several methods used to produce this look, but sticks mainly edges. Usually, the surface plate is listening or brushed.

Basically the same as overworked, but the chips are not as deep.

A matte surface is created similar to polishing, but The last pad.

A matte finish with a soft light, between refined and polished.

The buffers are used to create a shine on the surface of the stone.

The stones are placed in a large cylinder and collapsed with small rocks and stones to create a rounded edge and smooth. Period of time in the "Glass" determines how rounded edges. soft stones, as travertine, tend to have a more rounded profile than harder stones such as marble.

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