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What liberals want alternative energy?

My experience: oil and coal are dirty and too big a carbon footprint. Natural gas gathering facilities and piping are dangerous. Nuclear: We need an explanation of Wind Energy: We are close, but what about the impact on birds (no pun intended) and also the impact on the landscape of tide is not good, because it will have an impact on our beaches and marine life. Solar Shopping issues and also attract more heat and raise local temperatures Hydro: not want to give up land to create enough pressure, then even with the average fish have an impact on wildlife. Yes no arguments on the development of shopping centers and mini-centers that use large amounts of energy. For the commitment to a power there, why liberals do not expect commitment, but want to use the oil to stop? What is your solution?

They have no solutions. They report problems and complaints. If we just stop listening to maybe crawl back under the rock and do not disappear.


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