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Do you know anything about lace?

This is a sample image of our installation banquet hall (continued) ... us are willing tulle curtain a column just as pictured ... problem is ... I have no idea what size mesh shopping. Here's a site that says Tulle (Below), do you think that one of these may be the right size? Or do you have an idea what might need to size? I have no idea! Thanks for any help. 🙂 * A tulle ... Tul do not say you can not measure the room ... I live far away and do not marry there or I'll do it myself. I emailed the company and they do not seem to help. No need to know its length, I need to know the width of the tulle.

For It must purchase bolts of tulle that are 108 "wide. Rollers small coursages you're looking to good for this sort of thing, but they are very thin. has a good price on bolts 50 yards of tulle, or wait a fabric store has a sale. If you live in a Hobby Lobby, in general, have fallen 40% discount coupon every week that you could use. I like this fall. Good luck!

How to make a gourmet gift basket cheap and easy for mom

Gift baskets are always popular and a good idea to make a gift or Mother's Day or any other time of year. Moms love to receive gift baskets. Make your own gourmet 'mom' gift basket is cheap and easy. You can fill your gift basket with a variety of quality items at low prices, you have many options.

I gathered some tips and ideas for do "mom gift baskets, with instructions on how to do. You can make inexpensive gift baskets or expensive gift baskets depending on their budget. You can easily customize each basket to your recipient.

First make a list of hobbies mother and interests. List everything you can possibly think it might be appropriate.

Suggestions: sports, books, television programs, leisure, home, outdoor recreation, camping, workshops, tools, golf, fishing, information technology, environmentally friendly, the Golf, tennis, relaxation, food, chocolate, wine, spa, bath and body, fruit, cookies, etc. These are just some ideas.

You find many inexpensive items and products for the manufacture of their gift baskets or to fill gift baskets, a dollar "stores, craft stores, party stores, discount stores, flea markets, warehouses outside nearby and even yard sales that provide the products are new, etc.

For gift containers you can use any type of basket, wicker basket, straw basket, bucket, laundry basket, containers, plastic bags, tin, container season, large teapot, large hat back, Red Hat or cap, plastic container placed below.

Other features: extra large cup of coffee, boot, head of the potted plant, wire basket, a big bowl of pasta, a large bucket of corn, pot, clay pot, a colander, stove, antique trunk, champagne bucket, hamper, Asian-style trunk or picnic basket.

For coating gift basket you can use: tissue paper, shredded paper, shredded newspaper, tea towels, tea towels, hand towels, paper towels, napkins, color, colored napkins, place mats, or pieces of cloth.

To complete the gift basket you can use: colored tissue paper, straw, Easter basket grass, comics crumpled newspaper, a bed wrapped chocolates or other wrapped sweets.

For articles container depends on the specialty or theme of the gift basket - in this case a mother. Here is a random sample to give you some good ideas:

Gift certificate for a massage or spa visit, scented oils, scented massage oils, gift certificate to favorite store, a certificate gift to the restaurant, a sponge, scented candles, matches to light candles, CD of nature sounds, favorite artist CD, DVD of the last Film, Video Instructions or a CD, a poem in hand, perfume, cologne, watches, photo frames, inspirational book, spa pillows, pillows bath, spa, bath and beauty products, facials and body scrubs, handmade soap, scented soaps, shampoos, lotions and feet a soft towel.

flavored tea, green tea, specialty tea, herbal tea, toast, tea tea, snacks, health, chocolates and luxury boxes of chocolates, chocolate bars, hot chocolate mix, a blend of specialty coffee, homemade cookies, brownies made home, homemade jams, popcorn, corn boxes, candy, giant candy canes oil, lollipops, apple, pear, orange, persimmon, mango, papaya, potato chips, pretzels, walnut oil, gourmet pasta, gourmet olive, prepackaged foods, pancake mixes, brownie mixes, cookie, wooden spoons, your best recipe for chocolate chip cookies, recipes Italian recipes Mexican recipes or other ethnic coffee cup or a pot.

garden trowel or other garden tools, garden gloves, work gloves, gloves cold, leather gloves, picks Garden, seeds, hand lotion, flower pot, small tools, gadgets, playing cards, travel-size games, small puzzles, t-shirt, tickets to events,
small plant, disposable camera, a small book

Articles related to computer mouse pads, wire, paint or materials artists, golf balls, golf tees, golf knick-knacks, tennis balls, trinkets, key chains, small calendars or desk calendars, barometer, outdoor thermometer, Science gadgets, electronics, items related to health, items related to cars or cinnamon sticks.

For gift wrapping basket, you can use the compensation of tulle or, better yet, cellophane. If you use a pile of cellophane that can be purchased in rolls stores specializing in the packaging of the United States but it should be easy to find in craft stores.

Attach the basket wrapped with a ribbon. Wired fabric ribbon is best if they are available.

For bows: You can use pre-packaged bows but make your own bow is easy and a better presentation if you can do. Use a nice big bow.

Assembling all your gift basket items, you need tools, etc. Now line your selected gift container. After filling material selected from the gift basket to give the new height of your items. Turn, layer and arrange your selected items on the fill in the gift recipient. Place items further back, small items at the front.

Fill holes or hold more filler (shredded paper, grass Easter basket, wrapped chocolates, napkins From towels or holidays, etc.)

You can also use "peaks" of artificial flowers to fill small spaces.

Place the foil cellophane or in the gift basket. Centre gift basket on the film. Bring the cellophane or other wrap on top of gift basket and the link with band and / or a beautiful bow! Use ribbon and bows to suit your theme colors.

Place a custom map on the tape and voila!

General Tips: You can find fabric or wired ribbon cheaply at Costco - especially in the fall before Christmas or during the holidays, but frequently throughout the year most stores. You can crush a paper shredder color.

Try to use non-perishable items, except of course when baskets of fruit. Use freshly packaged food, crackers and cookies can go stale packaged a few months.

You can find flowers filling "Choice" garage sales cheaply. If you buy "points" in bulk are usually around a dollar each.

Try not mix the chocolate or other food scented with perfume in the same non-food basket.

Also nothing like learning to make baskets Gift of a video or DVD for making gift baskets cheap and easy. You can see again and again and share with their children, other relatives and friends. You can even charge for classes with their new knowledge and / or start a home business if you wish. In any case, what makes a gourmet gift basket mother can be cheap and easy.

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