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What is the best way to prepare aluminum oil painting?

I'm using a foil and Winsor & Newton oil. I do not want to flake.

Metal Arena. Then clean the metal with denatured alcohol. Aluminum oxidizes very quickly. This oxidation Quick is what really protects you from any further deterioration of atmospheric oxygen. It forms a protective layer. When in contact with water, copper and lead primers (Red in particular) are not recommended, since the attacks of aluminum. Using Epoxy Primer EP-Surface as initiator. 400-600 grit wet sand after dry surface for 8-10 hours.

Bacon, Freud, Mehta, Souza â € "The human figure in the shadow of the Second World War and Indiae € ™ s partition

Indiae € ™ s muscular emerging scenario of world trade is widely recognized and respected all the time. It is said that art and economy mutually reinforcing. The years of economic weakness is also reflected in the difficult time financially for Indian artists. There were artists with the best conditions they have worked to keep their body, but I must say that does not allow his soul € "his arta €" to wear. A long list of artists who have fought their battle for survival equipment from the likes of MF Hussain and Nikhil Biswas must take the initiative. Although Hussain painted cinema billboards to invoke his muse of art, old newspapers used to paint Nikhil Biswas. The folklore of the struggle of artists India is long, varied and full of vitality and strength. We must, as a nation thanks to the tastes of artists so obsessed with courage that we have today a rich heritage of Indian art is increasingly popular not only in India but worldwide.
While India fought against the yoke of imperialism For years, the Second World War intervened in Europe to adopt a disaster of unimaginable and unknown man in the history of mankind. Nazi troops burned and destroyed life, housing and cultures that date back to human history. The concentration camps across Europe systematically decimated men, women and children in cold gas diabolical. Franz Kafka encamped insane demented Nazi war machine in his short novel, in Criminal village. A visit I made to one of the fields most dreaded Auschwitz Concentration gave me nightmares for several months. The art and literature of Europe has changed forever as a result of the war. Papers with Anne Frank, the autobiography of Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman (filmed by Roman Polanski) and a new interpretation of the image of man has been tested in literature, cinema and art.
A new human situation would arise from the creative imagination of artists. Suffering, bent, traumatized humanity Henry Moore in the images Ofa people in underground shelters and the despair of hope as in the play No Exit (Huis Clos) by Jean-Paul Sartre and The Plague € "Guernica an allegory of man's innate violence of Albert Camus. Picasso will be greeted by a world Kafkasque of futility and the absurd. The impact war will devastate the artists € ™ sensitivities. Satish Gujral spend time in Mexico under the paint, like Diego Rivera € disasters another "Partition of India.

destruction of death and suffering of war has helped create a disguised restriction and distorted human figure as never before. Picasso had a real role in the decline of established principles of development of the human form. Picasso's versions Cubist treated human form as a series of a mechanical device € "lack of internal dynamics of being.
In this socio-historical context of the Second World War and the post that I can find the works of four artists € "Bacon, Freud, Souza and Tayeb. Francis Bacon first of these artists with their mouths open grotesque, sometimes equivocate between humans and animals (Gregory remembers a Samsaâ € "the man transformed into a giant spider in The Metamorphosis of Kafka) disrupts our inner core. Is this compatible with a cry of existential anguish, the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch echoed in front of him. Bacon studied the images of diseases of the mouth and put up tables with open mouth, distorted. Although Lucien Freud the small-son of the great Sigmund Freud, but for Bacon € ™ s working on some interpretations of psychological and psychologists suggest that the mouth open are suggestive of anxiety vaginal falling into a deep dark and mysterious as a gay man who instilled fear and apprehension him. Wed regardless of the source of his characters open mouth that matters is that he has been able to put a mirror to the ugly warts of humanity in the post-war.

The other artist who comes from Bacon in the expression of anguish, anxiety, and a kind of dualism and the guilt of bread through a spiritual conflict of Francis Newton Souza. Growing up Catholic in Goa as it has forged a conflict between religion and guns his own bohemian spirit. They rebelled against the puritanism of the church and gave in the representation of the voluptuous female bodies. But guilt never left him. His expressionistic style led to the conflict of body and mind. Several of his works from this period are in the initial collection private gallery and theater Dean Ebrahim Alkazi. I had the opportunity to enjoy these works in the nineties in an exhibition mounted Arpana by Alkazi in Caura € ™ s gallery in New Delhi.
Souzaâ € ™ s figures of women are always great, great, the presence of meat. But without Itâ € ™ s the way it makes the face that looks horrified. This tension between the joy of physics and the guilt he felt for Catholic Education who passes through its most emblematic works. The women's faces with eyes jumping and became distorted faces stamp work de Souza. Souza was the influence of Pablo Picasso in the present. In this paper a chestnut horse with the breeding nervous energy at break slowed down a rope is a symbol of the conflict was between the first and the horse Souza bodily desires ruling is in. The oil and libido first chord of guilt and effort to master. This work, I think, one of the masterpieces of Souzaâ € ™ s art and I am sure that few people have become aware of its existence.

Lucien Freud other British artist, his parents having migrated © Ã © Jew on the threshold of war is a practitioner of realism. Their world is a strange body capture personal honesty. He does not ignore the scars and stains of models. Those of which you regale in the figuration neo-romantic and dreamy soft Suhas Roy and Ela Menon Angali find photos of nude models vulnerable. Do not use photo shop smooth consumption by making the skin young and Tauta € "which merely presents Artist € ™ s what your eyes see. It gives me time I spent on the beaches of Europe and Anatolia in Turkey. The Mediterranean sun highlighted the contrast of youth and meat old. This is the dichotomy that was reflected on the ephemeral nature of physical beauty in particular. In 1999, in Vienna, I saw video art Egyptian artists. It was called the steam and was filmed in a public toilet for women. The nude figures of children, youth to old age led to a visit of the body and the decay of man and distortion. Lucien is not a painter of Greek demigods and goddesses. Find all the engraving in this exhibition € "sleeping woman and you realize I miss him with honesty that this body material truths.

Ultimately I'll talk about Tayeb Mehta. He like the rest of his generation witnessed the bloody chaos Indiae € ™ s of the partition. He developed a style of flat areas of color and construction representation diagonal color flat alternating colors. Double weaves images from space unified pictorial. He wears a colored line drawing to make images that are flat and thin as paper cut. His vigorous line drawing provides the eye in figures around the flat surfaces and increases the excitement of your images.
His palette is restrained, but his game is limited color expression focusing on single images and direct HIV diagonalised gravity. What Bacon did with combined Tayyib pictorial surface with oil-based solid colors with acrylic. If Tayeb as a young man expressed his gratitude for Bacon € ™ s art, he found his own tools of expression that combines the pain and pathetic with Indian iconography.

In addition to the artists in the exhibition has been a bloody period in the history of Europe / India have seen their crisis of faith (if Souza). Their artistic expressions are not only a beautiful lesson in aesthetics, but also evil and hatred of war. History had a role in the formation of its expressions. But in the case of Lucian Freud is the individual sitter € ™ s character that has crystallized in its realism. We expect more shows like it come to meet us in India as a juxtaposition of Indian art and European and British in this case.

Victor Vijay Kumar
Painter and Artist Assemblage

About the Author

Viktor Vijay Kumar
Director and Curator (India Asia) European Artists Association Velbert Essen Germany

Fine arts—painting, assemblage art, autodidact.
Worked in ateliers with Late Prof. Klaus Neuper, Neurmberg; Georg Brandner Leoben Austria and Wolfgang Brenner Westphalia Germany

115 solo/group exhibitions of which 56 abroad including Germany, Austria, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Singapore Italy and U.S.A.


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