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strange cat behavior?

Cats do not stop having fun. My first is always with me, and I got it for about six years (castrated). It is still very playful, but independent. No, however, that when I pet or play with him, very soft meow like, and take my arm as if hugging the bear and the PIN on my arm. Must be my scent? I do not know, because it occurs suddenly and randomly. I'm just curious why it does. It's pretty rare that a couple of times in recent years. He is not playful circumstances, I can tell you that. Strange ... but fun. What do you think?

It's his way of saying he wants to touch more. He wants to be left in peace.

Hotel California Guitar Solo

Rising economy flights, which now reach destinations within the reach of the masses, followed by the birth of the amazing Internet as a gateway for all types of social networks and research centers, have contributed greatly to build this modern lifestyle, we all grew up as quickly than usual.

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It is hard to remember how front of the inventor of mobile phone or laptop. It is also difficult to remember what we should do when booking a holiday or a short stay, without being able to hack google to find the best prices and more specific comments.

Globalization or "McDonaldization" as is, to some extent, more affectionately known (based on the theory of the terrible and depressing, it is almost possible to travel the world and eat McDonald's hamburgers) has changed all of us, whether we like it or not. For my part, I'm pretty happy with the direction of this technology will take us. Well that without doubt I am a bit worried how do I deal with old and unable to hear the new invention "can not live without" gadgets and gimmicks.

Seriously. It is very good. How can anyone deny that it has changed our personal and professional lives for the better? Well, small businesses, there is also a drawback.

The bed and breakfast industry is one sector, such as suffers from the cover above. This is great that we can now reach the masses, and to inform all our latest offers, To show our facilities, and offers a plethora of other services to people in the world with the push of a button. But everything is as simple as thinking? For me, it does not even look easy.Sending spam email lists of customers and potential customers is often ineffective, most of us quickly learned to ignore these maneuvers without opening the e-mail. This allows websites to offer intelligent and the top of Google "in situ" as some of best ways to feel the attention.

Of course, there are many ways and ideas for their institutions visible on the web and I do not pretend to be even remotely aware of them. Unfortunately for me, and the company where I work, is becoming increasingly clear that even small companies can not escape the need for these fierce marketing methods.

In the old days, being the best in your area, requires a lot of brochures, newspaper ads well placed, and of course, word of mouth from satisfied customers. Today However, we must not only be good business sense, but they have a complete understanding of how the spirit of the amazing world of Internet works, equipment and know-how to implement our ideas ... Wow

Most may think all this is sufficiently disturbing, but it is really enough for me. However, in the hotel and bed and breakfast industry face an even greater concern. The The most important factor in our success is entirely based on online reviews.

The fear of obtaining an absolute 100% satisfaction in the online world is consuming. Only a bad review or "star" comment may deter potential customers outside of your hard-earned and well maintained setting up in favor of a competitor on the road.

Do not get me wrong, I am in favor of trying to achieve customer satisfaction Total and complete. But always there, regardless of the rare person who sometimes in a bad mood, they are quite sure that whatever political and intended to be servile, whatever was clean and the rooms are well equipped, have a bad time.

I have seen comments on some sites competitor seems absurd to me (and I hope most people in mind). This was particularly the case when looking for a hotel summer vacation with my partner and me When searching for what seemed a decent looking, I realized that there was Three of five stars. Curiously I clicked on "read the full reviews and found a link there were only three that had reduced classification. They were:

"They had no soy milk" ***

OK, or call advance and let them know that they need, or bring your own. Is it really so bad? really means they lose two stars?

"At breakfast, there was a guy who blew his nose 25 times (which I find very annoying when I eat) seems to have a bit of a problem with that, because they just do not stop when he was sitting. We settled for cereal and toast and it was because of this since I put my eggs!? **

How this relates to the quality of the hotel is beyond me. Then there are two of the three stars for this reason, it is almost comical.

"The hotel has a heated floor - not good." *

I always thought that the underfloor heating was a good thing, especially barefoot. This criticism has only given a one star hotel, which only proves my point Some people complain about anything.

The most frustrating thing is that many people, when looking for a place to stay, because in a footnote establishment. The example above shows how a fantastic place (who went there for our vacation and I can confirm a pleasant stay) may lose business because of the logic of a feeble-minded serial complainant, determined to find something they dislike.

What can we, owners The hotel and staff to fight against these rare but devastating adverse comments? The answer is inefficient boring and continue to provide service higher and hope that the good reviews are proportionately large enough As for the "occasional bad egg" less effective. Unfortunately, most People are less inclined to make the effort to write a good critique of those who, having had a bad experience, they are motivated for comment.

In conclusion, I can honestly say that the online world has been a curse because it has a premium for the media, especially those related to public sector. I can only hope that there are people like me who take the time to look sensible comments on the search for hotels or any other intervention.

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