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How I can increase sponsorship of the race at the North Pole?

I'm on a team of three and we need to raise £ 51,000 towards the Race North Pole in April. We should be getting a lot of coverage of the media on Channel 4 and BBC 2 - Has anyone had any ideas for sponsors might be interested in this winning team?

Sell your soul! Seriously !..... I mean, do not be afraid of "shit" all the newspapers, radio, TV in your area. Get as much publicity as possible. The publicity you, the authors will get more interested in what is in your favor to yourself and get your car light as possible. What is driving your car around the local towns and villages to try to encourage a bit of support from the local population. Spend Money is awarded the label with all relevant information. Perhaps create an Internet address that you can give people with a PayPal account. Thus, can distribute leaflets etc. on your website details and you never know, someone will contribute. A well-designed site with lots of information on it seems more attractive to potential sponsors.

Tiki Poles have a history

Of course, everyone has heard of totems, but what comes to mind most people is the totem Classic Indian tribes of North America and use in Canada. However, the truth is that many ancient peoples who occupied the islands of the Pacific is also used like poles which are now known as tiki poles.

Recording modes Agreement

In reality, what they contain is not random, but rather each pole tiki is a record, so to speak, to keep track of things like family or lineages of the clan. However, today, someone who is looking for the perfect decoration for a tiki bar can not do anything better than a pole tiki.

All shapes and sizes

They come in all shapes and sizes, from large tiki poles that can take up to a corner in a tiki bar, tiki bar stools style polo for clients or customers this Christmas. However, do not look around at your local mall or store tiki poles, because the widest selection is online.

Always go natural

Remember that is so important in things Tiki Bar Tiki Hut authentic or along the line of natural materials. The last thing you want is a pole Tiki was plastic in China.

Think outside the box

There also a wide range of masks Tiki Tiki poles actually met very many that are available from online suppliers. Keep in mind that you do not want not limit your decorations tiki bar tiki masks and tiki poles strictly.

Be creative

Feel free to Be creative with items such as shell fishermen netting caught in suspension from the ceiling. Old Fishing face and old nautical instruments, such as the excellent work of seaplanes also for wall decoration. Of course, you also want to have all the latest and best tiki bar and drinking utensils mixing and tiki eliminate the full effect.

About the Author

Written by Jenny Gremoland. Surf over to my site to find everything you want to know about tiki accessories as well as tiki poles


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