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Where I can buy a wooden box with a secret compartment?

I am looking for a wooden box to store things in and I have some kind of secret area to save some money in case others are not. I looked everywhere and can not find any store that would be something like this in other places line. Does anyone know of a popular magazine I could find some thing?


Three simple reasons own wooden toys

Sometimes people avoid wooden toys because of their price. They forget that most of the wooden toys that large require more time and skill to produce are usually much more expensive than plastic toys. Although people are increasingly wooden toys again. What makes a good reason to own a wooden toy? Why would anyone want to own a wooden toy?

First Instead, there is the variety. Many people like to collect wooden toys because they take several forms. The various forms of wooden toys are made of plush, puzzles, cars pedal, and so on. This also means that there must be something for you. You do not have to worry about damaging the environment with wooden toys like all wooden toys are ecological.

Secondly, the wooden toys are often used for the development of the child. Some children like to use wooden toys for pretend play. Simulation games stimulate the imagination of a child. The secret to improving of thought and movement is use simple wooden toys to play simple games. For example, use wooden blocks for counting games, puzzles or use to help stimulate thinking. Reproduction of simple games with wooden toys like building blocks promotes the development of motor skills and thought. Whether the child is a boy or a girl. There will be wooden toys that is ideal for them. For example, children can choose to play with horses wood, while girls can choose to play with miniature wooden toys. Wooden toys can also help to stimulate the imagination of a child. A small note: If the wooden toy is made for small children, make sure the paint is non toxic.

Thirdly, wooden toys are ideal as a gift. Small Small Wooden toys are the ideal candidate for gifts. Adults and children love. Buying toys is a good place to start than most toy stores these days not sold more wooden toys.

Some people buy wooden toys for investment. From the perspective of the collector of toys, toys wood which are difficult to find and well preserved are worth more. For these people, it is logical to maintain the overall condition of toys, but also want to allow this age gently. Wooden toys are a sure sign of age, but still well preserved as to attract potential collectors.

The wooden toy storage is easy and simple. Just clean regularly with water or, if you use a mold inhibitor. Wooden toys can be protected by layers of paint resistant to weather and outside is adequate.

Wooden toys are often pass the test time with much success, because they never seem to fade. Because of its well known durability. many owners of wooden toys that you want keep your wooden toys as they grow up with these toys. They mean something to the owners.

Though plastic toys can less expensive wooden toys are much more durable and can last long. In the longer term, will save wooden toys more money. Last longer than plastic toys, and have a value greater than the replay.

In short, you can see for yourself the many benefits of wooden toys. They can be collected for investment or as souvenirs, can be used to educate children, and last longer than most other toys.
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