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Need a Hus machine Embroidery stitch design for Batman and Spiderman for a quilt -?

Should fit in a 4"x4" Hoop so it will fit the quilt square
Hus is the computer format of my embroidery machine
If you know where I can find these stitch designs I would like to hear from you.

My answer will not specifiacally be about the batman design, but what i want to mention is if you locate a design that you like in another format such as PES (Brother), using an embroidery editing program, you can convert that design to HUS. If you have a Viking machine with Viking software, you probably can convert from many formats to HUS. Otherwise, you will need an embroidery file conversion program, such as Buzz Tools or Embird. Both have free trials for thirty days. [I'm not affiliated with any company-I just am familiar with many embroidery programs.]

Since Batman and Spiderman are registered trade marks, you'll need to search for a company that has the rights to digitize these designs. I'm not sure which company sells these designs, some companies that come to mind are Amazing Designs, OESD, Cactus Punch, Viking, Pfaff, Brother, Babylock. If the desiign is available from Brother, then it would be in PES format and you would need to buy the PES version and convert to HUS.

Most likely only one digitizing company has the rights to digitize these particular designs due to the fact that Spiderman and Batman are registered trademarks. You won't be able to get these designs from a smaller digitizing company due to the trademark laws.

Hope that this helps you.

Happy Embroidering!


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