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Reports Android phone officially launched in China

Dopod announces launch in mainland China, two systems based on mobile Android become the first sale on the market in mainland China, manufacturers of Android phones. Dopod Communication Technology CEO Chen Jinghong In an interview with Sina said in a telephone interview is the adoption of a channel cons, the future of China Unicom will launch a customized version.

Both A3288 and A6288 models mobile phone, the parent company for Dopod HTC in launching the international market, Hero (G3), and tattoo. Both models are compatible with the WCDMA 3G and WiFi networks WAPI / and the introduction of user interface design new meaning Dopod.

"A6288 and A3288 have been the first national network Licensing and implementing the production of Android phones." Dopod CEO Science and Technology Sina, said Chen Jinghong, the Android system is open, will attract many developers based input Android platform enables many applications.

The two new mobile operator tying has taken the model goes on public channels. Jinghong Chen said the next version will launch customized China Unicom.

As support for WCDMA first Android smartphone "Hero" can not stop being the industry and the iPhone (Internet telephony) can get to do more. In this regard, Chen Jinghong is not positive. He said: "Some mobile phones compared to 4999 prices A6288 price of 4980, while the A3288 was 3280 yuan. "

Dopod with China Mobile to launch its first mobile phone using the WHO system A6188 ophone WHO has also developed based on Android. Dopod has always been a strong supporter of Windows Mobile, which will be held in mid-November launch first Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system based on mobile 3G EVDO GSM dual-mode dual-slope chip and plans to launch in November's National Premier 6.5 for Windows Mobile phones Mobile TD-SCDMA.

"HTC is currently the main entrance is still the Windows Mobile and Android, are essentially ophone China Mobile." Chen Jinghong, said: " As the number of mobile phone production in a variety of operating systems, the number of development model, be adjusted depending on customer demand. "

Android now developed very rapidly, leading industry suppliers have their own plans development. Android phone now, but the lack of star models to effectively establish a market position and brand. Consulting Analyst "BDA said a science right Sina and technology.

A number of mobile phone design company in Shenzhen, announced previously Android. Chen Jinghong, frankly, said the machine "house of the pressure, but expressed confidence Dopod, because even if the material or software, 3G technology, the requirements for testing of increasingly complex

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