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Oil painting question ...?

We do oil painting in art class and now I have the intention to treat oil paint at home. I have some questions ... 1. How much does oil painting (I do not want black and white) and sold in stores like Wal-Mart? 2. My art teacher made his oil painting common house paint (I think), how do you do? 3. One my biggest problem with oil painting in art class was to have my brushes are made difficult. How I can avoid hard Why do I need a special type of cleaning fluid or what? So I can get a new set of brushes only for oil painting? Thanks! I have a canvas

Wal-Mart could sell oil paintings, but probably not. You really need to go to a store art materials (see online in your area there are many around.) Oil is expensive and only remember tighten 1 / 2 inches of paint on ... essentially as little as possible, because a little goes a long way and do not want to lose it. Do not use professional house painting art oil painting that comes in metal tubes sold in art shops. You must also purchase an oil painting canvas. plain will not work for oil. If you go to any art supply store that can answer all these questions for you. You can buy the support to the mix plastic paint paint and maintain the squeeze. Or you can get a piece of thick glass or buy a large tile bathroom to use to keep painting and the mix if you want to save money. In addition, you may want to build a bridge. You make the wood. You need something to hold your paint painting while.

Oil - Overview

In oil painting known is the preferred mode of painting by most artists Painting and fans. The probable reason for that is appreciated and liked by most people is due to deep colors and great gifts and bring attractive image part cancellation. oil paintings have greater opportunities to be framed beautifully, unlike other forms do not lend themselves to be framed with metaphorical frames that enhance and add an additional point of attraction for the paintings.

Paintings as such since ancient times are considered a means by which artists express the beauty of themselves and what they presented in accordance with their interpretations. The oils have been shown to create a huge step forward in the creation of art which closely resembles the slot machines in the beauty of realistic oil paintings that look very realistic.

Imagination and a good artist uses oil paint as ways to increase their share of the work that is created according to his imagination or outside interpretations that could have been the objects he sees. An artist well together with many oil paintings can add life to objects that painting, especially painting on a canvas of paint gives it a three-dimensional. A good and imaginative artist can make a well-known paintings, the addition of a table edge of the excitation of a single stroke of a brush paintings of events could be victorious or the beauty of nature. Artists have the ability to give life to wonderful things, so that the different interpretations that attract the artist makes us see inanimate objects a new way. Now, for example, go to a ship that is fighting against a terrible storm, an artist has the ability to represent the intensity the nature and makes us imagine the fury of nature to see the painting. Oil paintings have provided very realistic appearances have added color Artist to the imagination. In 1500A.D the artists have discovered the manufacture of paint colors by mixing pigments natural soil by using vegetable oil was OUT. The drying oils were used in the first days were the walnut oil, poppy oil, hemp seed oil, castor oil and linseed oil. These oils act as a varnish to protect the scene and helped to protect the paintings damage caused by water. It is the oil painting considered one of the best ways to highlight the thoughts frozen and offer a realistic view of the painting.

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