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What does it mean if a car only has the old style v5 document?

I'm hoping to buy a particular car in an auction tomorrow but on the website it says it only has the old style v5 document. What does this mean? Can I apply for the newer version and would that mean that the seller has something to hide?

Also is it important to have the newer style document or foes it just mean the old owner never upgraded?


A few years ago the DVA changed the old registration certificate of vehicles from the v5 version to a newer more informative version. As far as i can remember all registered vehicles were automatically sent the new version. You need the new style document to tax a car so you should check with your local driving authority about what to do if you do make the purchase as it could be difficult to register the vehicle and tax it once you buy it.

Hope this helps

Baroque - Old Style With a New Look

If you desire your home to be unlike the run of the mill, then have a bit of time to think about furnishing it with antique articles. Just by going back one hundred years, Victorian and Edwardian antiques can give your home an exquisite and aristocratic look besides adding an unequalled, days-gone-by tone, which can't ever be resurrected in up-to-date boxed flats.

But buying antique articles is not as easy as shopping for other things for your home. The first rule of purchasing antiques is that they should be thoroughly studied under brilliant illumination to check over that they are unscathed and serviceable. Next, if it is at all possible articles should be taken out of doors and examined in the sunshine to make sure that they are authentically antique and not fake. A sound antique furniture seller will not have any objection to you having a very encompassing review of a potential purchase It is utterly essential that you get authentic art objects without battered patched up work offered in the place of skillful restoration.

One of the most significant art forms to have shaped antique furniture was the 17th century art form best-known as Baroque. Characterized by elaborately conspicuous ornamental forms, flamboyant panels and pillars, this art form was made popular in the 17th Century due to its catholic originations, under the sovereignty of King Louis XIV of France.

After some time, the robust Baroque gave way to a subtle aesthetic Rococo vogue of furnishing, but under the reign of Louis XIV all main architectural constructions, like The Louvre and The Palace at Versailles were adorned with the spectacular Baroque pattern. Standing for military strength and abounding power, Baroque remained firm for all that was all-important and lavish as symbolized by its awe-inspiring and grand expressive style.

Many of the most usual furniture art objects on which the Baroque designs flourished were intricate mirrors on which were sculptured ornate, interlacing designs and floral themes, the huge beds with cloaked and lavish spreads and immense cabinets.
This is especially so, because and its beautifully eye-catching patterns, which merge along with most surrounds, Baroque with its drastic usage of luminance and shadow and its swirls of impressive movements does exact the appropriate type of background to set it off.

Thus if you reckon that you need a spectacular and regal look for your home try the Baroque look for a change. But remember to furnish cautiously, to stop your home from looking like an over-cluttered museum. And so next time, when you refurbish and refurbish your home, try doing matters a little differently and and rather more boldly with Baroque.

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