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I will take a vintage coffee in my room. Decorating How to achieve that look?

I paint my room olive green, I have a wood floor light candles used to look like a cappuccino before exposed to the sun, a cup of Starbucks coffee as a feather, a large clock with a photo of Elvis in him and neon lights blue around the outside, but thats about it. Can you give me some advice on things I can add / do to my room to make it look more how described in the title? I'm not trying to transform my room into a cafe, Im trying to get to that same environment. Thanks

Put a coffee table little in the corner with a couple of chairs coffee in the morning. I would add some pictures in it, on the subject of coffee. This is where you can get more a vintage look. Maybe you can find something on eBay? How to make a vintage chaulkboard with phrases related to coffee or a cup "day." Sounds like a great theme. Good luck!

Secrets of How to clean wood furniture

Most people are taking care of your wood furniture solid wood furniture, especially its price is usually higher than the others.The treatment is to maintain its beauty and originality. But they took good care, there are still scratches and stains. Therefore, Here are some tips for taking care of solid wood furniture.

Sometimes the smallest thing can be useful for cleaning furniture. A pen can be used to hide small scratches or shoe polish on the surface used to cover stains. However, if there is a suspicion of cups or glasses approximate using sand paper. In addition, for spots cigarette ash may be victims of violence in sandpaper mixed with cooking oil. To avoid have water ring stains, always use wooden coaster. Use zero product, and to hide the scratches on the surface of wood furniture. Use a cloth clean and rub to apply on line.

When, possibly because wood furniture polish twice a year, and recommends hiring a professional. Remember to use a good quality varnish to protect your wood furniture finished to prevent damage to the finish. In addition, Avoid using alcohol or nail polish containing silicone, because they can damage the finish. As a suggestion, not use cleaners chemicals containing ammonia to clean wood furniture. Another solution is to use a mild soap for cleaning diluted finish wood furniture. Moreover, Use olive oil and lemon oil for furniture polish at home.

Other tips are to always keep fully water spots dry, then apply oil in a soft cloth to wipe the watermark. Please do not put their title = "Wood Furniture"> wood furniture in direct sunlight and the layer of water to place hot dishes on wooden furniture.

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