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What drapes go well with a grey-and-black comforter?

My mommy is super sweet and found me this gorgeous comforter on sale:

It's gray and black with leaves sprinkled all over, so gorgeous. My walls are this odd light-colored green, almost white-yellow. What color/texture drapes/curtains would go well with the bedspread? I wanted to try and incorporate the lace curtains I have now, any ideas (like dying)? I bet purple would be the most obvious choice, just wanted your guys' take on it. Some links would be great, too.
Wow, excellent ideas so far! I'm thinking of adding a small splash of color, after the black and grey I'm thinking I'll need some. Excellent links, I have so many ideas now! Many thanks. :]

I think a silver organza that changes it's hue with the light would look amazing. This particular one has a gold greenish hue which would go great with your walls and lace. I would order an extra panel and use it to overlay the bed skirt or use as a bed scarf..perhaps make an accent pillow or 2.

If your lace curtains are white I would dye them what ever color the sheets are. Alternative colors would be gold, light gray, white, black or ivory.

Add your accent color sparingly in vases, bed lamps or chandeliers and coordinating area rugs. A cold red, rich orange, deep pink, cobalt blue, mid range purple, British racing green would all work.

Halloween table decorations

Last week I talked about an "orange" Halloween theme party and now I'll share with you some tips to decorate the tables Halloween Halloween. These tips are easy to make and inexpensive to produce.

With all events, regardless of whether fundraising galas or capricious birthday, I always keep an element of style, hip, and the decoration of the table class. Even when using accessories like Halloween items at low prices for this display of Halloween, I always mix and match with physical objects or plush Halloween too.

There are so many options when looking at Halloween decorations. What I like to do is collect items during the Halloween season and again in November 1st return to the pharmacy or store supplies parts and pick up what remains and inexpensive. Nothing makes me feel better than to do good deals on Halloween decorations at low prices. I make to purchase items that I'll have to use and easy to store in my mailbox design planning to discuss in an article in the budget Bash - Simply fabulous events on a budget.

To create the table decoration whimsical Halloween this article I used the text following:

organza fabric with gold for a runner - You can buy any type of fabric and make a table runner fabric wrinkles unfinished by the center of the table or use pinking shears and cut a corridor for the use of one or two times (multiple uses are possible if Care is taken with the fabric). For this table, I used a table runner in an event and raised above the center of the table.

I have Halloween decorations for the end of the season a few years ago and has kept these items in my inbox Party planning design. These Halloween decorations are cheap lights twinkle candy corn, sweet orange candles, decorative plates and holders votive glass candle plastic mini-cubes of pumpkin and a witch hat. I have spent a total of $ 15 for all of these items for Halloween and have been used for the past three seasons.

While I was picking up dinner on the market, I caught a bouquet of sunflowers, chrysanthemums Rusty, the Halloween candy and mini pumpkins. A fun idea is to create the center of the mini-squash and sides (if you have time) create a votive candle holder. Otherwise, do what I did and just add to the table as a decorative element.

Decoration table was quick and easy. I crumpled the table runner and candy corn are closely linked with lights shine fabric. I put the witch hat in the center of the table (I filled the center of the hat with a paper bag to be vertical), complete with sweet dishes of candy on Halloween, pumpkins and votive placed in the table and put the sunflowers freely on the table. To add a little orange and yellow and the table, pulled out two small glasses of mothers blue and are placed in them.

To create the total look of the table decoration Halloween soon coordinated all purchases of food and with my it. An additional advantage to this decoration of the table will last a few days. Remember to unplug the lights when not around the table to avoid electrical hazard to occur and if you have pets who like to skip the dinner table, you can remove the bulk candy and flowers when he is not in the room.

I hope this Halloween decorating tips. For more information on planning the party on a budget, see budget Bash - Events simply fabulous on a budget. Until next time remember to have fun and be a guest at your own party!

About the Author

With over 15 years in the special event industry, Andrea has now taken her knowledge and experiences and incorporated this information into a book she has written called Budget Bash - Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget. You can talk to Andrea via Twitter @awynningevent or learn more about Budger Bash by checking out A Wynning or


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