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how to make a calla lilly pew bow?

Can anyone give me instructions on how to make a calla lily pew bow, also all items ill need to make them please.

Making a graduated loopy bow.
1.Make a loop leaving the tail the desired length

2. Continue making loops gradually increasing the size of the loops until the bow is full and you have enough ribbon left over to make the remaining tail.

3. Secure the center of the bow with ribbon or floral wire.

4. Fan out the loops.

5. Cut the tails at an angle or in points to finish off the look of the bow.

Making a loopy bow
1. Make a loop leaving the tail the desired length.

2. Continue making loops keeping them uniform in size until the bow is full and you have enough ribbon left over to make the remaining tail.

3. Secure the center of the bow with floral or bow making wire

4. Fan out the loops

5. Cut the tails at an angle or in points to finish off the bow.

Layered Bow
1. Measure the length of ribbon for the first tail. Hold the ribbon with your thumb and forefinger.

2. With the right side of the ribbon facing out, make a loop one side. (8" of ribbon makes a 4" loop)

3. Make a full twist of the ribbon so the right side of the ribbon is still facing out and make a loop toward the other side.

4. Continue alternating loops right and left, fully twisting the ribbon as you go, until you have made the required number of loops on each side. Put florist wire around the center and twist it tightly at the back of the bow. The wire should be tight enough so the loops move independently and can be adjusted to make a full, fluffy bow.

5. To make a center loop, twist the remaining ribbon around your thumb before securing the center with wire. Adjust the tail so the right side of the ribbon is facing out like the first tail. Put a wire through the center of the loop and twist it tightly at the back.

6. Wire the bows together.

Each bow is made with 6 loops and 2 tails of 6” Ivory Shimmering Organza
4 loops and 2 tails of 7/8” Ivory Satin Ribbon
The center of the bow features off-white Calla Lily
accented with ivory flowers and delicate sprays of pearls

Good luck!

New Wedding Trends for 2010

For those who have received the resolution of which is New Year's 2010 marriage, thoughts deliver what we wear, where married and the legion of details and arrangements that go with the happy day. We give here a brief overview of some of the fads and trends for the wedding year.

The Wedding Dress

Last year, the long fluid dresses in the romantic style emerge as a more popular and this will continue. soft tissues with subtle floral and promotes full belts, and leaflets. Adorned with Cubic Zirconia Jackets and pearls are also popular.

styles are strapless dresses refined as the most popular variant. Homes fashion continue to push the skirt changed a line, which broadens the base and narrows to a thin waistline. The most common alternatives dresses Prom Dresses and length of tea, but the most remarkable development is the introduction of color, even if the black tends to be more moderate in tune with colors like soft brown or platinum.


Long lines of the wedding, but are beyond sails are as they are faux fur scarves and wraps (not real leather). Velvet, silk and pashmina are also very popular, but the warm light as tissue Lace, organza, gauze, and offers the finest tulle dress and accessories especially for bare arms and shoulders.

In front of jewelry, pearl necklaces and earrings are popular, followed by stones and glass. Crystal places indicated in the hair are also used to accentuate the full effect and may also be used in clothing.


It is not clear when it comes to styling, the options remain popular long hair slightly. hair ornaments are very popular, especially brooches and pins Hair or less commonly, silk, lace or flowers. Tiaras, combs and headbands are always popular, but the trend must be smaller and leave the dress to the attention and clothing of the bride.

Wedding Bouquet

The vast majority of classes is through the collection of flowers and tied with a wide satin ribbon. Sometimes the flowers are "glammed" through the use Accounts brooches, pins, pearls and other stones, but the most notable development is the increasing adoption of a "rustic" look. Star sea shells, feathers, cones and other natural objects are increasingly used to complement the whole.

When it comes their own flowers, roses dominate and not change for 2010. It is not uncommon to see the lilies, orchids and hydrangeas, and, less frequently, tulips, but the general style is free-style, casual attempt to give a "just collecting" appearance which differs from previous seasons. The colors of the flowers are very popular and are contrasted with the dress.

Reception Décor

A casual look that is sought using color centers after the match and tones, but the variety is made using different sizes and arrangements. There is an increased use of natural materials such as lime and lemon, shells, pine cones and, less frequently, the sea or acrylic glass as filler vase ice. The new tables are decorated with Chinese lanterns and vines with flowers while the ball remains humble as popular ever. Disposable Cameras increasingly popular and have a spontaneous and interesting record of the event.

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