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Brand Intimate Apparel Industry France Market Overview

Given lingerie, men are entitled to ask, "boxers or wrote, "while a woman being physically sculpted and decorated in a style unique, offering a wide variety of options. The market for underwear clothing a woman is manipulated by the advent of modern technologies and fabrics that make new designs and innovative intimate door. These products have higher profit margins than regular apparel. New trends in lingerie and fabric emerge exclusively from Europe and mainly France and Italy. France is at the forefront of fashion underwear. Designers in France give more attention to plush fabrics, bold colors, laces and embroideries. Like his fashion, French lingerie wealth are also developing and embellishments that are preferred worldwide.

Industry Overview French lingerie

France contributes to the origin of the word "Lingerie" which means in French "washable. French Lingerie from a sophisticated and different lines, basic, sexy and affectionate, fitting every season. The drawings are similar to the classic look and modern, and to fit women with the trend line, while their representation to "stand out". Available in a wide range of materials, tailored efficiently in different cuts and types, styles and colors. Their manufacturing techniques underwear are based on centuries of experience.

field of lingerie in France today is considered to USD 3.1 billion and is expected to increase by 0.8% in a row over the next five years. French consumers spend about $ 13 million per year to buy underwear. An industry survey indicates that women spend 20 French lingerie percent of its budget is lingerie fashion. Lingerie Sale 18% of total sales of clothing for women's clothes in France. On average, a French woman buys underwear five in one year and a night gown every 19 months. The women in the age group of 15-34 purchase more lingerie items than women of all ages to other expenses 92.4 million per year for the purchase of private door. Women in the age group 50-64 have a bigger budget and spend more than $ 100 per year buy underwear. contribution to the lingerie industry comes from women in this age group. Comfort is the main consideration behind their purchase. French women are sensitive to colors, textures, and prefer practical fabrics that are easy to clean and non-allergic. They like soft tissue micro fiber. Corsets, bras in particular are the largest segment of the lingerie market.

Exquisite marks Fashion Capital

During the decade, past trends the market have changed offering creative products. Trademarks Dolce, Gucci, Dior, and Gabana have expanded their market through these products. Several stores and boutiques in France specialize in unique pieces of French clothing intimate. Agent Provocateur lingerie is a classic and couture. U.S. companies have good opportunities in this sector, and top brands that are Appeal to the preferences of French consumers. Lejaby of Warnaco, Calvin Klein, and Warner, Sara Lees Playtex, Dim, Wonderbra, and VF Diffusion and Bestform, Lou, Variance, Bolero, and Vassarette, enjoy a good market in France. United States should have a promising market in France as French consumers are more receptive to American fashion.

However, domestic brands have a strong grip on the French market. The top five brands lingerie in France are Lejaby, Simone Pérèle, Chantelle, Aubade and Barbara. National brands like Lise Charmel, devastating, Nothing, have a reputation market. Jura brands and Audrey have a turnover three times more than imported lingerie. Brands like Pour Moi and Chantelle have achieved good revenues. Sold in more 50 countries, Chantelle is the French brand in the world.

What's hot in the market for French lingerie

La France offers a fashion fiesta of lingerie for women's fashion today smart. Seamless Bra cut, molded shape and nave embroideries, vests transparent, semi-rimmed cups classic, intimate ultra simple shapes used in decorated graphics, camisoles transparency and superimposition of several selling items on the market like hot cakes. Garments made from fabrics of fine opaque mesh, lace knitting cloth, organza, stretch fabric blend manuals and fill fine stores in France. Woven fabrics of cotton, linen, microfiber, mesh lace and small have their share in the manufacture of these garments. Call clothes in shades of indigo, cobalt lavender, the color tone on tone with shades of opaque pink, red and orange hues, translucent white and pastel blue and Parma are the colors most wanted by the mademoiselles "French. There is a resurgence of fashion in the early 40's and 50 among the French designers. sensuality fabrics with subtle lines in complementing hues have made their appearance. Aubade lingerie exhibition of the grace of the geisha in soft clothing, intimate female. reasons Flower supplemented by leavers lace demonstrate an air of intimacy.

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