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I'm so depressed, girls?

i LOOOOOOOVE the 2nd, but everyone on Yahoo Answers told me to take the 1st. Im the kind of girl who likes be PIZZAZZZ you know? I love to make an appearance. so what? or Mega_Dot_Charmeuse_Strapless_Party_Dress/pr/pd/c/1/np/1/p/3853.html grrr but I can not decide. idk I think I like the blue [2], but theyre both so cute ... HELPPP!

The 2nd, just because it seems that I love.

Easter Dresses: Spring to summer

"Easter dresses girls easily switch from spring to summer. The perfect spring dress can be a good summer. Whether for birthday parties, tea, or garden parties, dresses for Easter is a new life under the summer sun.

Spring modes can share the stage with Summer dresses. Do not miss the optimism of spring in the heat of summer. The use of elegant dresses, Easter Spring and summer girls kiss of welcome. Discover the six major reasons for the success of spring dresses for summer style.

Spring in summer

1. Cool colors

The clear tones and windy "Easter dresses for girls also work well to fight against the summer heat. pastel pretty, with her beauty and gentle nature, are very popular for spring and summer dresses. Blue fresh peach, pink, pretty, and shake lilac dream to gently cool and fashionable women. However, a touch of vivid colors and dynamic can still make waves in the summer sun. bright orange, turquoise wonderful, fabulous fuchsia or may create a feeling of summer.

2. Fabulous Fabrics

pale pastels lend themselves to soft tissues and fluids such as chiffon and organza. Bold colors look sun dresses still popular. The bright colors give dynamism to the conventional cotton dresses summer and floral motifs. Even on a hot summer day, the girls can remain calm in the folds, light and airy dresses for spring.

rolled gauze or a lilac dress with rosebuds embroidered organza spring offers a refreshing style. Fuchsia taffeta white / embroidered swirls Easter is a fabulous dress. However, children can also take the summer for special occasions. A sparkling pink tulle dress is perfect for spring and summer.

3. Pretty Patterns

Girls Dresses Easter tend to be magical and fun, but they offer a great style in general. spring dresses are not ashamed of moles, sensational stripes or flowers colorful. Girls love the beautiful patterns of spring and summer dresses.

A crumpled yellow striped taffeta Easter is a brilliant find, but can spread sunshine all year round. Just a pinch of flowers or a pinch of moles on a spring full, flowing skirt made for fun. A row of flowers along the belt of a dress is a perfect idea for Easter or summer dresses.

4. Inspiration by Nature

Of course, spring dresses often inspired by nature. Spring fashion holds the Renaissance and the "green" nature. The tones abound green dresses spring beauty can continue to inspire all the golden summer days. Green Apple is a beautiful shade and treat girls like peppermint.

5. Splendid Styles

On-line stores offer a variety of affordable spring dresses in different styles. If little princesses need a dress formal or informal, online retailers have this perfect spring dress. organza dresses or long dresses in organza tea delight all spring and summer.

6. Special Occasions

Easter dresses can be used for summer occasion. A young girl dressed as flowers in the spring may be a birthday dress for summer. A spring dress Ideal for special events of the summer - a family reunion, a summer wedding, or fancy dress tea party with stuffed bears and friends in attendance.

A tea length ivory tulle with satin ribbon to add interest to a special day. A pink satin A-line is suitable for many occasions. Whatever the season, a turquoise satin gown fade-bubble has a single call.

Dress spring to life the beauty of the season. Easter and move in the spring for summer and the endless joys of nature ceases to amaze. Summer provides special opportunities precious memories, and a photo of a summer dress or breeding lucky girl spring season.

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