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What kind of rocks are these? For fish tank?

Does any one one know what kind of rocks are in the rock gardens in front of olive garden they are oval shaped and smooth. If they are the type you can put into a fish tank for decoration do you think they would be suitable enough for a fish tank.

probably not
aquariums generally need specially made "rocks" that are safe for all species

glass beads are generally safe

Natural Jade Jade shape and decoration of modern

Natural Jade Jade shape and decoration of modern

Jade common type modern is mainly used for jewelry, decorative arts and crafts for display, for disease prevention and health care products and practical tools and therefore has higher class, the class colors and other ceremonies. In addition to the inheritance of certain fittings traditional, more title = "China gemstone wholesale" China wholesale Gemstone> with modern elements, everything is simple and clean. Also flowers and crafts, the simplest, without a reason Jade.

ornaments jewelry type 1

modern jewelry made of jade bracelets jade ornament, especially the class, jade, necklaces, ear Ding, bracelet, etc..

jade bracelets discussions on all bearings bracelets, complex and bracelets, bracelet oval (concubine jade bracelets, jade bracelets goose), jade bracelets and a small diameter approach large flexible cuff. Well modern polished jade bracelets, and more, without frills, and reveals the natural color of jade and the luminous beauty. jade jewelry bracelet modern and most importantly, the store is the most common jade jewelry jade. Ze Yi Xiu Jade, Jade, Jade Dusan, agate, jade quartzite, nephrite, jade and other multiples Plum. Especially Xiuyu above.

Necklace: Pearl Necklace made of jade that the main element in the form of accounts, there have been many changes. Even with a form of usury and diversity Drawing extensively. Now popular with young people in particular long chain casual. The high quality materials such as beads of jade jade is always dominated.

Usually based on necklaces of different lengths to classify, or 36 cm, 42 cm, which is known as short necklace, necklaces 42cm known as the Princess, also known as Necklace "standard" Necklace 54cm were installed in the morning, called 7lcm collar dress, 107cm and 142cm are called long necklace.

The wear parts: modern pieces of jade, including parts hanging in front of the wear on the tape above the pieces of jade.

Men are more popular with waist decorations Now the belt buckle sets, often transformed into a horrible monster Shutu, commonly called "Kido". One is decorated 2 reflects the consciousness of the evil Jade Culture.

Suspended before the wear parts are of great variety. This image Guanyin Buddha Jade Zodiac lock longevity, heart-shaped jade, jade pendants, carved jade buckles and all sorts of traditional auspicious patterns of different forms of jade tablets (also known as flower parts) and so on. Adaptable to most large loop Button Yu Yu Yu also called money, as the old Bi little to blunt the convex face of the arch way and without a model of light elements. Deduction for anyone to wear jade, including men and women, but only the change in size.

D ear or in progress: Zhuo jade ear drops usually form small, oval-shaped button Xiaoyu and other forms of gold, silver or other metals and is incorporated in the city. More common jade and agate, jade Australia, turquoise, malachite and other jade.
Ring: No two jade rings, jade precious stones "> gemstone China is expected the whole ring is a circle with a well-established ring ring mounting and the face of the main field of agate, produces more Xiuyu common is a jade, and the other is the main shall be made only jade oval olive, square, round, saddle and other forms of the face of the ring, framed and metal (mostly gold) Support Ring Ring. Currently Shop for gold, jade rings the second most common, jade, and at most. It can also be seen to change the color of opal (Opal), amethyst, turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli and other rings for the ring plane.

Bracelet: Bracelet Jade agate, stone tiger clear round jade beads are more frequent, and more for the 18 "children" form. In addition to the decor, but what harm it right in the old. In addition, a similar ring, jade jade bracelet can also be a variety of small hand "ring" city in the golden chain, the cradle of a few grains of Phyllostachys jade bracelet, more beautiful.

2 crafts display

This jade into two parts, the traditional ancient jade, again in imitation of innovations, such as oven smoked, Vases, Ding, screens and flowers, birds, insects and fish, beasts, beauties and Buddhists.

Another part is a creative work, his subjects, the theme of creation, shape and rich carving techniques, and more into account the characteristics of time. Sculpture widespread in sub Round Hill, there are very rich colors of agate, more real issue from a variety of jade and other subjects. Jade kind of different quality, a color more appropriate sample, which is the mainstream of contemporary jade carving craft.

3, health jade

Common jade jade health pillow modern jade exercise ball, etc. jade massage.
Jade pillow: pillow production Jade there are usually two, one is jade beads together using a clean little denser and ordered title = "China Jewelry"> Jewelry China stitches, then sewn into a pillow flannel cushion cut jade. The other is the jade plans Zhuo many 2 to 3 cm in diameter of the cylinder, then column in the middle circle parallel grooves carved up and down in a hole big velvet cushion covers perfectly cut the block of jade, a board through a hole in the eyes of flannel pillow of jade. For the jade pillow placed over the pillow ordinary the pressure drop can be generated directly access the role of health care. The materials used for most of serpentine jade jade jade and nephrite jade, etc..

Jade Ball exercise: the simplest form, namely the equality of two balls of polished jade. It has maintained its control over the movement of the hand of the body play a role in health. It has a small pair or three pairs of beads gym ball jade. Ball Jade fitness when used with jade, jade 100 cranes, wood jade, marble, etc. is more.

Jade Massage: the market in recent years there was a lot of massage jade, regarded as a handout when the ink roller is only part of the Jade handle and the stock is produced, course, the much smaller size. Just grip the handle when used on the face, temples, neck down or left and right to scroll department may, to play the role of health and beauty massages.

4, the practice of containers

There wine Jade practice, tea, coffee and smoking accessories such as pipes and other containers, grout, including seals, the culture of the city, and so on. On the surface the plain, without pattern, the shape is changed. The wines from different forms on all four glasses and a bottle with a cork or lid of the pot. Tea is also a set of four cups and a teapot with another component of coverage. In general, both forms of the cup, a cup of various forms of only a set of balls is Gaiwan Cha, cover the bowl and a pedestal with a tray of three, four at large. Jade, because more material practices, and the songs have been numerous, but pay attention to the comparison, and they tend to use medium and low cutting materials are large jade. Such as serpentine jade, wax topaz, jasper, quartz, jade, Dushan, marble, etc..

Follows from the above, the shape of stones precious jade large modern, ancient jade is much simpler than that, use is also concentrated in the decoration and care of two aspects, Zhuo work and more stress is concise and elegant decoration to highlight the natural beauty of jade and shiny.

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