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What are all these stitches used for?

Does anyone know if there is a guide online to what the various stitches are used for on sewing machines. I have a Brother machine. The manual doesn't give enough detail. I want to know what the various stitches other than straight and zigzag are for. I want to try and figure out the best way to sew over the edge of my fabric to finish it since I do not have a serger or overlock machine. I tried what I thought was overlock stitch, but it doesn't look right. Thanks.

Some of them are just for decorative uses.

It would help to know what model machine you have.

The best way to finish a seam is to zig-zag 1/4" from the raw edge.

Please do not be offended by the title, but these are great how-to-books - http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/making-machine-stitches-work-for-you.html

Making Baby Beddings Inspired by Serena and Lily Collection

Making Baby Beddings Inspired by Serena and Lily Collection

Being pregnant is never easy for moms. Your body demands that you stay in your bed more, especially when you are few weeks away to giving birth. However, you also want to do something worthwhile while you rest in the house. It will be wise to spend your time doing something productive while waiting for the baby's delivery.

To give your creative side a proper venue, you can start decorating the room of your new baby. Moreover, you can make personalize stuff for your baby to give a unique and fresh idea based on existing designs and themes. For baby beddings, you can get fresh ideas from Serena and Lily, makers of unique Serena and Lily baby bedding.

Choose Your Materials

The good thing in making personalized sheets for your baby's crib give you the chance of selecting the best from the many fabrics available instead of just buying what is sold in department stores. You can choose eco-friendly materials like organic cottons used by Serena and Lily. These materials help protect your baby's skin from allergens that may irritate his or her young skin, something prioritized by Serena and Lily crib bedding too. Other options may include:

• Regular fabric cotton
• Flannels
• Satin - made out of filament fibers like silk, nylon, or polyester.
• Sateen - made out of cotton that are short-stapled yarn

An additional hint in choosing the materials is to blend it with the existing color paint of the baby's room. Serena and Lily has a wide variety of attractive colors that will surely brighten your baby's room.

Cutting the Fabric

If you use regular fabric cotton, cut your material into 68" long. If you are using flannel, increase the length by two inches since the material normally shrinks even after the first wash. Lay down the fabric on a flat table and cut off an 8" square in each corner. To make cutting easier, use a cardboard as a pattern that is 8"x*8" and cut around. Place the cardboard in a corner and then cut around, before moving onto the other corner. After you cut the block out on every corner, you are now ready to do the stitching.

Stitching the Fabric

Any crib sheet is easy to sew with a serger or a machine that is overlocked. In a corner, fold over the cut piece, put together the right sides, and align all angles. Stitch across or serge to create a pocket. Repeat the steps in each corner until you finish all four corners. Use elastic that's a quarter-inch and sew it to the sheet's whole perimeter. Pull elastic slightly while you sew around every corner. Then, you can sew every side without tugging. Repeat the steps until you are done with all of the corners. If you are using serger, elastic may be sewn while you stitch; however, be sure to avoid the elastic from getting closer to a knife. If this happens even once, you will have to install again the elastic. Use a machine with a single-needle to put together the elastic.

All quality products of Serena and Lily are being displayed in Pure and Honest Kids site. You can choose from any of their collections of Serena and Lily baby bedding as well as Serena and Lily crib bedding.

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