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What is the best website in search of different varieties of plants in my garden?

I am looking for a site with a variety of information common on plants that I find in nurseries or garden centers. The site should contain images of each plant, as well as information such as type of soil that grows better in the amount of sun and water it needs, as long as flowers, etc. Ideally, the site has a navigation hierarchy style that allows me to discover the new facilities, by type, growing conditions, etc. Ideally it would also be the ability to search for plants based on the specific common name, scientific name, category, etc. A large number of images is important because the visual appeal is an important factor in the choice of plants. A site focused regional web is not as important, but I live in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle), where there are specific websites to my ar

Floridata is a resource we very wide. Http:// Check our website for gardening tips-http: / / Good luck and happy gardening Cathy and Neal!

Explore exotic ports of call in the North and the South Pacific Choose your cruise ...

With all the decisions you have to do before taking a cruise, you may think that choosing a cruise destination is the least of his worries. Four, seven, twenty-nine days on a cruise luxury to do nothing but hang out and absorb the scenery, who cares when and where the port? Everything is bound to be good, right?

Not necessarily. Many popular ports of call are visited by many cruise ships that belong to different cruise lines each day. These ports are often crowded and tourist in nature, it is difficult to discern or even enjoy the cultural attractions that have made these popular ports first. For this Therefore, you should always examine the ports of call offered to package and cruise ships pass book.

Sapphire Princess: Ports and North Pacific South

In this article we will see that one of the ships of Princess Cruise Line, Princess Sapphire, visiting many ports of call each year. In the summer months, he toured Alaskan waters without spending glacial stage and the rest of the year, it is toured in Mexico, Australia and South Pacific. Below is a brief overview of two most popular cruises offered aboard the Sapphire Princess and some of its ports of call.

Hawaii, Tahiti and South Pacific

This cruise begins incredible 29 days in Sydney, Australia and a ride tranquil South Pacific to make many stops before landing in Los Angeles nearly a full month later. The price for this cruise starts to $ 3.499 for inside cabin, but worth the cost. On the 17th of this cruise, passengers can enjoy a full day in Bora Bora, Polynesia French. Day 23, the ship in the ports of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora Lagoon is the main attraction of clear glass different colors and water according to many activities it offers. Some of the most popular activities include shark feeding, snorkeling, snorkelling and diving. If you must walk away from the sea for a while and test the legs of the sea on dry land, Bora Bora offers tours to see guns of the Second World War and a breathtaking view over the lagoon of the hill.

In addition to these attractions, many restaurants and shops that are in Bora Bora. Unfortunately, transportation is a bit complicated on the island with only one public bus. Bicycles are the recommended mode of transport for tourists in this region.


Honolulu is the most popular destination in Hawaii and for good reason. Whatever you want to do, Honolulu has to offer. Its Main Beach, Waikiki, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Apart from relaxing on the beach can also go diving, fishing and snorkeling. terrestrial attractions include golf courses many, Honolulu Botanical Gardens, Nature Reserve Hanauma Bay, the Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium.

If you're a history buff, you can visit Pearl Harbor during their stay in Honolulu. Here is the USS Arizona Memorial Dedicated those who gave their lives at Pearl Harbor during the Second World War World.

Voyage of the Glaciers in Alaska

This seven-day cruise is quite a market with prices starting at $ 599 for an inside cabin. Guests are treated with rest days filled with scenic glacier cruising and stops the ship moves from Whittier to Vancouver. The third day of the visit, the cruise passes through the Glacier National Park Bay. The sixth day, the Sapphire Princess makes port in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Glacier Bay National Park

Some of most landscapes in the world can be seen from the rail of a cruise on a leisurely voyage through the national park of Glacier Bay. For a full day, passengers on Tour Sapphire Princess Cruise the glacier can sit spellbound as stunning images of ice shelves and glaciers nice pass slowly.

Glacier Bay National Park Reserve and has 16 glaciers, icebergs and 12 tide. Here you can also take a look at the abundant wildlife that calls the house of glaciers. Creatures they call this area home bears, deer, mountain goats, whales, and many types of waterfowl.


More than 800,000 passengers arrive the cruise port in Ketchikan, Alaska each year. What they find is an amazing variety of activities which makes this copy Forest, a sparsely populated desert harbors more adventurous in the wide world.

Although many activities in Ketchikan need more time as a cruise port average, there are several activities that can be done during a short stay. Some of these Activities include exploring the historic city center, visiting the Saxman Totem Park, Totem Bight State Historic Park, or the Totem Heritage Center and Hatchery tribal look totems hike in the Tongass National Forest, kayaking, taking one of the many ships and air tours offered in the area, visiting historical displays, or rent a fishing boat to test their skills against the total population of Greenland and salmon.

Remember, it's just a peek at some ports of call in two of the Sapphire Princess cruise. All major cruise lines will have many different cruises and that will make several ports of call on each trip. So be sure to research thoroughly cruise before you decide the final destination.

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