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New school bag help(:?

I need a new school bag(: I'm in 10th grade. I want a tote but anything cute will work. It needs to fit a 3 inch 3 ring binder in it with wiggle room. I don't care what color but I want it to match most colors. Under $30 please(: thanks(:

I am also a 10th grader and i suggest to go with a back pack. But if you insist here are some ideas.

Personal these would would be my choices:
(Has small storage inside)

Backpacks for busy professionals

In a world of increasingly mobile business trips, courses, seminars and meetings often need professional busy to take their offices and lives with them. Fortunately, the good backpack can be both elegant and practical at the same time to make life much easier and comfortable for Todai € ™ s and women business owners.

When deciding on the bag thatâ € ™ s for you, take the following guidelines and factors into account.


Backpacks are available in a wide range of prices â € "small, the lower end models can be taken at least ten or fifteen dollars online, while backpacks Ritzi luxury materials, bells and whistles, or both can run as high as three hundred dollars or more. By How often do you plan to use your backpack, you can consider a major investment and a purchase and do not skimp on. Before leaving a significant wad of cash in a bag, do some research to make sure that youâ € ™ Re is a brand whose reputation adjustment their prices.

Consumption and abuse needs

sometimes acts as a wardrobe, a desk and a box lunch once, backpacks are versatile pieces

equipment that can and must go almost anywhere where. As such, they can often take a beating. Although most backpacks are designed to be resistant, some brands and models are built better than others. For most, the quality and price go hand in hand, but youâ € ™ ll have to decide for itself where to draw the line the utility and cost are. If you plan to use the backpack on an almost daily basis, the cost of a bag of high quality does may be useful.

Some backpacks offer special features to make life a little easier. Rollers and extendable handles and forwards back, not to mention the airport quicker and easier, giving you the opportunity to make the block behind you. Some bags are delivered with electronic accessories and some offer discreet solar panels that can charge your phone or PC anywhere. On the side Low-tech, a padded compartment for laptops can be useful for the protection of his most important piece of equipment.


To determine the ideal size to find in a backpack, itâ € ™ s best to expand support youâ € ™ ll probably never take, and then a bit of size to be sure. For travelers business, an important caveat to keep in mind when considering the size of the baggage restrictions imposed by airlines. Like most of the jet set knows, the current rules for hand baggage are generally limited to 25A € € € X14â X9â. If a company air travel more often than others, check their baggage policy of any variance and shop accordingly.


Depending on how you intend to use the style backpack can be a very important factor to consider. For example, a bag to be used for travel only may be less formal than which is likely to drive to the office or take with you to meetings. If the latter is more likely, has a convertible bag can be carried like a briefcase or messenger bag. The formality of times also determine the choice of material â € "black patent leather or before is usually the way forward business opportunity, while the fabric is fine for more informal situations.

Some backpacks are popular for professionals follows:

Backpack Leather Briefcase U.S. purchases

Equally effective as a briefcase or backpack, this excellent article from the U.S. supply is designed to protect your computer laptop with a little style and a lot of utility. With over seven compartments for equipment, objects and documents that backpack briefcase € ™ s classic black leather cover will keep you organized and looking great.

Backpack flight Verucci wheels

Made with the rules of the size of luggage in mind, this exceptional offer Verucci is an excellent example of a bag Back suited to business loyalty. Built to withstand the wear of travel, also has a retractable handle and wheels for sprints in the terminal and has the ability to develop an additional 3 inches if you need more space.

Laptop Backpack McKlein night

A good example of a backpack for upscale professionals on the road at night McKlein model is a single answer to all businesses. This backpack has been designed to hold all your personal data elements to reach and organized labor â € "with a separate compartment for shoes â €" and features leather case for your pleasure laptop and a cell phone so you can make all your meetings in style without having to deal with multiple pieces of luggage.

With so many backpacks on the market for professionals, just a little research to find the bag that can be obtained and all the tools of their trade, to be elegant and useful.

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Matthew Hawking is a freelance writer who writes about backpacks.


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