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Any idea on the marketing of my house in Phoenix?

The company my husband we moved to Nevada and his beautiful home was on the market a month, without much interest. Our plan was completely removed before the summer but I am beginning to think that it might not happen. All great marketing ideas here out? I have a real estate agent approved by the relocation company is the MLS and linked to places of interest. I've also posted on Check yourself:

Cute house. But above 174K COMPED is seriously expensive. There are several very large houses in your neighborhood that sold for much less than you ask in the last month. If you really need to sell faster than the price a little lower than comps at about 170K. Nobody will be able to obtain a mortgage loan will be appreciated if you ask it, it seems.

Who visits your site and buys your products?

The biggest problem for Internet Marketers is not for sale is that sales and visitors are coming! "I put 100 filed and no sales! "I place 200 and I ordered a sale! Now if you ask the sellers in the sale of wine that have no idea. Here is how to solve this dilemma, increasing traffic to your site or blog and increase sales ...!

What follow-up

Monitoring, when used in reference to Internet sales and marketing, essentially means to follow the footsteps of his potential buyer, shortly before landing on its website to leave your website or buy your product .. Clearly even longer records can be Behave yourself in the years namely that the sending of e-mail about new products you represent and get the best results possible.

Sounds like pain. Why Should I take my visits and sales?

For the same reason all large, do business successfully! There are only 24 hours per day and therefore money that can be used outside of the advertising budget. It's better than being able to know what works and what is not as soon as possible. I spent years floating Internet is not tracking my sales. Once I discovered methods of advertising and places for the market simply did not believe they were at work. So finding ways of marketing is supposed to work was a big waste of time and money!

Where can I get information on sales and hits me?

You receive from a place called the cpanel for your website or blog. If you do not have a website and only depend on the affiliate links or other Web sites, including the management of your business without thinking twice about it. A website is like office space. Fortunately, you can get a website base approximately $ 5.00 per month. You will have several benefits available to you when you get your own Web site, including site statistics better and more able to link websites outside the domain.

Sites have a place called cpanel. Log in and you can find all kinds of information and tools. I can use raw statistics, with a program I wrote. I get more information as graphics, including Statistics show often use e-mail monitoring. In a Web site that the raw statistics are through a link on the right on the front page of cPanel. On another site I'm find my stats for my operating monthly premium web hosting provider, by clicking Monthly View, click View Report Others Activity Raw, then find.

A website I download the raw statistics. Another site I open them in a Web browser. For it is enough for me and click save the file.

Is there an easy way to know where my visitors come from?

Yes there is. You can add one? Then, certain type of characters alphanumeric thereafter.

For example:

MyWebPage? Art (section) will only work if your website contains. htm O. Html Sometimes, if the end is. W Com net or what you'll need a / before the trackcode?.

It will not work with pages that have one? in them as part of the address web page. Indeed, it could screw up. So always test your pages in case. If the test is successful end on your website with your tracking code at the bottom of your webpage in the address bar of your browser.

I promise you that if you begin to discover that you, like me, where your site is indexed by search engines and get a good rank in search engines that will surprise the hell out of you!

There are spies us

A word of warning though, make sure that no code apparent About what it means. When unusual places to discover the location your web page code into a search engine blow? trackcode be with him. In addition, independent of your memory (wait, what was I saying?). Keep a text file all codes and their meanings. Check with your tracking software regularly.


Long before the Internet, sales Mail has been the buzz. Most big name retail outlets had a section of business mail, as well as their points of bricks and mortar.

Often, the return address and the sales letter, which is very similar to reading our website today, with the order would a strange series of alphanumeric characters. Sometimes regarded as a service to help the company look even bigger. Curiously, these codes found on the envelope sender address, the sales letter and order form are the same.

Why reinvent the wheel? When companies that formed before you and I were born, even, and showed us how to succeed in our own efforts, using our resources to our advantage - By monitoring? right

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