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Whats the best way to remove paint from a bicycle cheaply before powder coating?

you must sand blast it....... it is really cheap and most powder coaters would charge 20-40 dollars to sand blast it too. My powder coater won't paint anything unless it has been blasted . save your time and get it done right .


When we talk of a modern paint booth, we have to discuss the powder booth. Powder coating as a tool for surface finish goes back to 1967 in Australia where the technology was first tried out. Powder coating is the application of a dry plastic or polymer powder electro statically on the article. It needs no solvent and the curing is done with heat when the powder flows to create a skin imparting surface protection. The coating is very hard and tougher when compared to a normal paint. Automobile and bicycle components are typically coated in powder booths along with extrusions in aluminum and similar metals. These powders have the added advantage that they do not emit volatile organic compounds, the coating can be much thicker than the paint, there is no wastage and the process is cheaper. The process in powder coating booths involves a surface preparation or a degreasing operation, spraying of the powdered paint using an electrostatic gun and curing inside an oven.

In powder coating booths, the conveyor system runs through the preparation area. In the preparation area, degreasing is done by washing with industrial degreasing solvents and thereafter by blasting. Etching and repeated rinsing are also carried out. The articles in pallets then move into the work area. In the work area, the paint powder, generally a thermoplastic polymer is sprayed electro statically on the articles. The batch then enters the conveyor oven for the curing operation. Recovery of excess powder is done by a recovery booth.

Modern industrial tunnel type of powder coating booths would need to have a rugged design to withstand tough working conditions. The panels are therefore of 18 gauge galvanized steel. The lighting system is designed for focused illumination and an internal access for both a clean external look and for dust control. The conveyor oven uses a direct-fired burner system and an integrated oven control panel that displays the operating hours and temperatures. There is a high temperature variable exhaust and a plug blower for maintaining high temperature control. A smart control system analyzes the blower and gas train.

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