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How to find new information on old glass painting with mother of pearl paint. Probably the 18th century?

I just saw 2 These paintings of boats (sailboats like the Chinese of age) with the castle that has Spanish-tile roof, and one with the boats and the lighthouse and storm. The mother of pearl has been added to the painting is really nice. age frames are quite original. How can find more information about something like that in Rhode Island.

Hello! Églomisé or inverted glass, paintings are beautiful and harbor scenes may be very rare. Quality work is important because there are parts that are being manufactured in this way. I would call or go to the School of Design, Rhode Island Museum Benefit Street and ask for advice on how to find these photos ..... or contact a local appraiser of fine art you see I'm assuming you're considering purchasing them. Perhaps the seller will allow you to take a picture of them. Good luck! If Please read this:

People like Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are cultivated black pearls from oysters. Theyâ € ™ re a slightly smaller than the most expensive gem and black South Sea. Although these pearls are not dull in comparison with the black pearl of the South Sea, are more abundant and more cheaper than the natural black pearls.

Worship pearls come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Tahiti> Tahiti pearls in particular, are among the most cultured pearls on the market decreasing. Like other gemstones, the value of pearls depends upon the quality, weight, and rarity. Although Tahitian pearls or pearl farm, harvesting the success of these beads is a bit less likely over ordinary white pearl.

Authentic Tahitian pearls are not dyed black pearl white, whatever. They must come from real oysters, black. Be careful with buyers who try to sell beads as genuine Tahitian pearls dyed.

Standing the test
Since we already know that the Tahitian black pearls are cultivated, should not € ™ t expect them to have a grainy texture when rubbed against the front teeth. What you should be careful when youâ € ™ Tahitians are buying new plastic parts which can be glass or plastic beads.

To ensure that the Tahitian pearl youâ re buying € ™ is no synthesis, the distributor a knife to scratch the surface. If the documents are real pearls, you must loosen the powder residue similar. The knife € ™ s Edge remove paint and reveal the core of glass or plastic parts are synthetic.  Â

Not a single pearl farms can produce a pearl grade AA regularly throughout the year. In general, the best lap a pearl, the more it sells on the market. Although Tahitian pearls are among the most expensive pearls, both well-rounded are more expensive.

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