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"i wish to die" Woman's Psychiatric Ward Pic: anyone know?

a long time ago i saw a book of photographs taken at an all woman's psychiatric ward and one of the pics was of a girl sitting on her bed with the words "I wish to die" painted on the wall behind her. Does anyone know this picture? or where i could find it? Ive been looking for a long time but cant figure out who took it or what book it was in....


Nope, sorry.

Cars General Q&A

-- Looking for a 65'-68' Ford Mustang contained by the chicago nouns -?
I'm looking for a 65'-68' Ford Mustang in the chicago nouns. Does anyone know of any?

$3500 govt trade surrounded by rebate on trial cars for vehicle 95 and elder?
I heard today that if you trade in your 95 elder or 94 or older vehicle on a new coupé, the govt will give you a $3500 rebate or trade in credit. Has anyone hear of this?? I cant find info of this on internet.

$50 a gallon of regular gasoline. can that ever be true?
i read somewhere were some grease executives claim that after 35 to 40 years the price of regular gasoline will be $50 a gallon and that incomes would remain about indistinguishable as today and so would most living costs. Will that happen?

$900 dollars to copy a micro-chip coupé knob? Maybe I'll basically buy a modern vehicle!?
Recently, we lost the master key for the Prius, and will have a unmarked one made. The key we have moved out is the copy, which doesn't let us make a tentative copy, as it's coded not to allow it. The key works fine,...

« How to pick a Q lock » (please facilitate!)?
It's a long story as to why I need to know this. Anyways... Anyone know how to pick a Q shaped lock? The one I'm slit is not very calorific duty. Could I use a crowbar to pry the cover open? Any tips? Thanks so much!!

"a planetary automatic nouns beside infinitely fluctuating gear ratios"?
The lexus 600h L has "a planetary automatic nouns with infinitely unstable gear ratios"? How exactly does a planetary system have infinitely mutable gears. any links or simple explanation will do. i understand how belt driven ones work, and i know how the toroidal cvt works too....

"Behind The Wheel" Driver Lincense Test?
If I fail my driving theory test were you drive a sports car how long do I have to dawdle? I am from mississippi but if you know just post and how long you had/have to hang around. I took my driver lincense written test 3 times...

"Free gas" program?
My mom told me about this program kinda entity where low-income family in Central California (I think) can qualify where on earth the program pays for gas. I think it be like, up to $800 a month...she said she hear it from her friend but they don't...

"no parking, unauthorized will be towed", how do they find their cars put money on?
at the bottom it says Police Phone number and CVC (california vehicle code) how would the police know where on earth the car is if an independent towing company towed it?

"student driver" sign?
im practicing driving outside of drivers ed class but I want to know if those student driver signs really do work to keep citizens at a distance? anyone had luck beside these?

(CB radio)I get a picture but i call for minister to finding out what it is i know its a cb radio on bottom?
i wana know whats on top the link for the picture is here

(I already know the answer to this interview.) Which uses more fuel, a diesel engine, or an average gas engine?
Some people say diesel, some say aloud gas, I know which, but the truth is that many people don't really know.

(UK) People that know in the order of cars ! Is at hand such a piece as an economical four-wheel drive vehicle?
For work purposes : lots of mileage and travelling country lanes surrounded by all wind and weathers. Any warning much appreciated

option within american cars vs japanese cars?
why are we always seeing adjectives these adds for american cars where on earth they have on star, navigation, voice activate mp3, etc etc why dont these options ever come near japanese cars i mean folks buy more japanese cars but american cars are the ones...

*Guys! Whats your style?*?
Ive always needed to give a poll on this topic.. what type of bodys do guys find attractive. I want to see what the world say on tv etc. from what men say..Ok, here it is.. "Model thin" "Thin/medium" (not much boob) but...

**me to you**.please backing!!?
hiya x im a BIG *me to you* fan and i have see a set of car seat covers (me to you) on ebay that i really want..they hold gone now and i need to find them..does any one know where on earth i can find...

**Paint Job??**?
Im about to cart my bike to get painted but I inevitability help decide on a color. I was thinking white since I dont see several people beside it and it looks good against the chrome but Im indecisive. Heres the bike to impart u a better...

**Paint living help out?!**?
Im about to lug my bike to get painted but I involve help decide on a color. Im a girl and pink doesnt bother me. Heres the bike to give u a better look.. Thanks!

.•*`*•.¸¸.•*´?`*•.¸.¸.•*`*•Lost provisional!! please oblige!.•*`*•.¸¸.•*´?`*•.¸.¸.•*`*•
I have get my photo-card provisional licence but not the bit of paper that comes next to it(the actual licence) iv got my suggestion booked for next tuesday and necessitate it then...! Can any-one notify me how i get a replacement of of late the...

...HAVE YOU EVER have your vehicle towed?
What a joke, ..i go to the Celtics game later night....(great winter autographs and get to go on the court beside 2 players for pics...)...all be well...until i took train pay for to other side of Boston and found my car gone! !#$%^^(a)!!!...

? by hood scoop. Air within or nouns out ?
I'm about to put an aftermarket hood serving spoon on my car. Should it be placed frontward so the atmosphere can be forced in the front or should it be placed near the opening to the put money on to let hot nouns out ? ...

[UK] Will a moped provisional license (provisional for 16) also work as a provisional for cars when I am 17?
When I entered my age while applying on the DVLA license page, it said I will only return with a moped provisional license. Can I use this for a car when i am 17 or is it a different kind of license.

~~Navigator or Escalade.... both fully loaded & shiny black, 08 model, which would you choose and why?
Both are full-size SUVs and yes, I know, not environmentally friendly.... ok? Just a question, a moment ago a question.

01 durango - hauling travel trailer?
i have a 01 durango beside towing package. I would approaching to buy a travel trailer. can i pull it next to a durango ? and if I can around what length of trailer should i look for? my parents are retired and travel around to...

02 Polaris Sportsman 500: Moving at Idle, Hard to shift?
hey all... I own an 02 Polaris Sportsman 500. When in gear, it moves at vacant. It is also hard to shift surrounded by and out of gear at idle. It have auto transmission and auto clutch. I've hear it could be one of two things:...

03 and 04 estate rover discovery?
Im going to college next year contained by new orleans, and i live contained by houston. I was looking at buying a truck. I looked at some used Land rover discoveries and they be pretty cheap. there be one that was a 2003 or 2004, and have...

03-05 Evo vs 01 SVT Cobra?
I don't know which to get they both own the same mpg. Insurance cost but different HP also 4 vs 8 cyl. I live within Illinois so the winter gets pretty grating sometimes. And seeing as how the cobra is rwd i don't want to get stuck.

04 explorer service engine soon come?
drove my vehicle straight home kept shutting off made it to drive approach now wont start any concept

07 mustang alarm sustain don't know why?
hey i have an 07 mustang and i only turned the engine off and the alarm go off after a while, why?! sustain! the way i am stopping the alarm from going sour (so that it doesn't keep going), i only turn the engine back on...

08 Lancer GTS?
Hey. I have be looking for several cars now. I am 19, and looking for a hot car. Concerned roughly speaking quality, comfortability, look, and warranty. I similar to, 08 Camry, 08 Civic, 08 Lancer GTS, 08 Altima. Right now I similar to Lancer GTS more than...

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