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I'm looking for packages of decorative painting and tole painting supplies.?

I teach a course in decorative painting and are always looking model package and the best prices on paint supplies. Would appreciate any help we can get. Thanks

No different chapters of painters and decorators in U.S. - And the world. If you live near one will find many soul mates. Most chapters have lending libraries of books and patterns for all decorative painters known. Look at your local A framework agreement, painters and decorators annually by the Society of Painters and Decorators - The next will be in Wichita, Kansas, in May 2010. Is several regional conferences. I know that Columbus, Ohio, New England, and there is one in the northwest too. If you join a local chapter I am sure that will help you find more. When you go to conventions, is the inspiration in the living room! Price Re; When Michaels or Hobby Lobby are discounted in the painting is good, but no longer in stock colors if it's really annoying. In addition to other sites are listed, I like the Club as an artist. happy painting!

New opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs

It is time to let employers recognize the importance of being selective in identifying projects. Until recently in India to keep exploring the possibilities of everything from needles to aircraft and screws for the submarine. Just as businesses and individuals conducting SWOT analysis to identify business opportunities for our entrepreneurs. The requirements to be met our limited resources and few in number and less apply a degree of selectivity in our approach in the allocation of resources, we remain a nation stone foundation. Here are some areas where we can think of a greater concentration.

Tourism and Hospitality

India is a country of many countries. Our cultural diversity, religions, languages, rich heritage and vast geographical area that the country is a tourist attraction. The hills and beaches, temples and palaces, deserts and jungles are all these. Few countries in the world where you can browse through the sand and the sea privatization of airports and aviation could give new impetus to the tourism industry. Tourism should be given high priority.

Auto Accessories

India can not be the best basis for making cars, but can certainly be the auxiliary best global automotive industry. Our contractors are capable of developing countries to scale automatic auxiliary. By all means, should also continue to manufacture cars, but this must be done on a scale and quality in the global community we take seriously.


As a nation, have been highlighted in the production of two wheels - whether cycles, mopeds or motorcycles. We have the technology, skills, and most importantly, the critical mass to make a breakthrough. We should strive to capture market the world of two wheels.


India has the potential to become a major supplier of apparel, clothing silk, knitwear and fabrics. Indian textiles are well known worldwide. Our Ludhiana and Tirupur entrepreneurs have made the country proud in the field of wool and Industry cotton. By understanding the needs of customers through extensive market research and systematic that can capture more markets worldwide.


India has already made a significant gap in the global software market. For us, it is natural to be number one provider of software and consulting services. Our country has sufficient resources in the form of the large population of educated youth. Other developed and developing countries with more resources may be able to further progress in the manufacture of computers, equipment and computer chips every year. Indian software exports are growing 50 percent per year.

Light industry and engineering through

Many countries around the world are far from India in the manufacture of aircraft, boats and products of similar nature. Unfortunately, in India for the manufacture of trying everything and finally the end to do anything right. Our strength lies in industrial enterprises Light and medium engineering. We are able to provide an advantage in this sector. India also has the ability to become world best manufacturer casting. We should focus more areas where we have an asset rather than low diffusion of our limited resources and expertise in the areas of flexible manufacturing aircraft and engine systems.

Trade / Supplies

Among the vast population India, there are communities such as Marwari, Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil, etc., with a vision for trade and suppliers. It is therefore logical part of communities to become global players in the trade and internationally. In doing so, we will do something we are good.

Education and Training

India has one of the world's best universities and educational institutions to namely, Jawaharlal Nehru, IIM, IIT, IISc, etc. The cost of education and training in India is negligible compared with countries developed. There is no great pool of talent in the country. By pooling resources and networking with organizations resources we can create centers of education and training not only Indians but also for researchers from abroad. Indian educational institutions, government as both have private performance, capacity and experience to provide affordable education for people of other countries.


India has a great potential for development of poultry and poultry - industries. A large population and export potential to make this industry a lucrative business for those who want to be allies of the poultry industry.

The Food Processing

India has emerged as one of the countries producing food more important in the world. climate India is suitable for growing large varieties of food grains. Currently, most grain is sold as food Gross. In food habits in the world is changing. As a matter of convenience, people, especially young people, prefer foods or ready to eat fast food. Indian cuisine is known throughout the world. We must grasp the potential transformation of our cereals. Processed foods are cheap in India and abroad. Food processing also help us earn foreign exchange should be necessary.

Fruits Treaty and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are grown in abundance in India. The country became a major producer of fruits and vegetables. Grace to poor transportation, infrastructure, inefficiency, bumper harvests and great lack of marketing services, often with vegetables and fruits simply go to waste. We need to create treatment facilities for fruit and vegetables across the country to exploit the potential of production. Fruits and vegetables supply offers high added value and potential entrepreneurs can make a lot of these products. For the processing of fruit and vegetables, producers receive fair prices for their products, employers have the opportunity to bargain, the masses in search of employment and export fruit and vegetables increases. Although the processing of fruit and vegetables, our entrepreneurs should make every effort to ensure the quality and level of their products.

Manufacturing Business Suit

Manufacture of suits, especially for Indian women, will be a rewarding venture in the coming days. participation of women in white collar jobs is increasing. With the arrival of multinationals in India, and employment prospects are improving environment. While companies managed, if multinationals or Indian origin, they expect their employees to look smart and dress well. Some organizations also prescribe a dress code. Increase presence of women in different places of work has been a godsend for keeping market companies. Until recently, manufacturers of clothing, particularly for women tended to come from developed countries and women use to pay the price for these dresses. The market continued growing company offers excellent opportunities in this sector. Our potential employers may think about entering this business, both for customers in India and abroad.

Company Donations

corporate gifts in India has accelerated in recent years. Indian business and professional organizations spend crores of rupees on giving gifts to their employees, shareholders and business associates on occasions like Diwali, New Year and Assemblies General. According to rough estimates, Indian companies spent around Rs.1000 crore annually in corporate gifts and culture is increasing. entrepreneurs, in particular public good relations, can easily enter this business. Other companies associated This line could be the production of greeting cards (Diwali, New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc.) for various occasions.

care skin and herbal products

India has the distinction of great variety of herbs growing. Aboriginal population more than one billion provides a large enough market for herbal products and skin care. People around the world in general and in developed countries, in particular, are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of allopathic medicines and skin care products synthesis. Women, particular, evolving slowly over the products of skin care products from synthetic herbal. The India has a tradition of more and using a variety of herbs. We must go in the marketing of medicinal and herbal products for skin care in a manner great.

Mineral water

Although the manufacture of mineral water was launched in India during the 1960s, but the market did not recover until 1985. At the end of 1980 and 1990, the market for mineral water India has grown at an impressive rate of 30-40 percent per year. Mineral water market in India is spreading very fast. People are concerned about their health. We are entering an era where bottled water is found in almost all general stores and become an unavoidable cost of population general. Statistics show that the size of the Indian mineral water in 1999 was approximately Rs.800 crore approximately. Many small entrepreneurs can find business opportunities in this growing market.

Paints, enamels and varnishes

India is currently undergoing a revolutionary engine. The standard of living of the Indian middle class is also important to improve at a pace fast. Both trends suggest a growing market for paints, enamels and varnishes. Industrial and domestic use of these products is very promising and well better than many other products. Manufacturing these products in the small-scale sector, therefore, be regarded as a commercial proposition viable.

Organic farming

The concept of agriculture is of very recent origin in India, many developed countries grow organic food. Health conscious people prefer organic food. In India, people are more aware of their health. They are well aware of the consequences of food and vegetables that are grown by overuse of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Some businesses and farmers have started growing in India. To ensure better health for our people, we need to promote organic farming in a big way. Our entrepreneurs have an interest in activities related to agriculture can find good business opportunities in this area.

Music Entertainment

Music and entertainment are needed across the world. With a large number of channels in operation and a revolution in satellite technology music and entertainment has opened up many opportunities. entrepreneurs should take advantage of opportunities offered by the rapid development of the music industry entertainment.

Writing Instruments

Literacy rate India is slowly improving. Some of the classical texts and learning materials are rapidly becoming obsolete. Also because of economies of scale and the availability of cheap labor, we as a nation are able to produce writing instruments at affordable prices. Now with access to better technology and a large number of markets in India and abroad, our entrepreneurs have the opportunity to exploit market.


Per capita plastics consumption in India is 2.5 per cent of the Per capita consumption in developed countries like the United States. The use of plastics in India, both in industry and households, will be compiled in the years to come. Despite the adverse effects of the use of plastics, which is virtually impossible without it. Market Indian plastic is currently experiencing a growth rate of over 10 percent. It is envisaged the creation of small businesses in plastics processing for the manufacture of a variety of plastic products.


manufacture of toys (especially dolls bear) is a technology under the capital and less labor-intensive industries highly intensive. Toy Superstores aliens generally from China, Korea and Hong Kong. The use of toys in India and abroad is increasing. In India, the toy market has increased by 10.12 percent per annum during the 1990s. It is estimated that play an annual growth rate of 15 percent shortly. India has a potential for profitability of toys in large part to market Indian market and also for the toys in the world. If China and Korea can do it why not us? Our entrepreneurs should consider making toys as a business rewarding.


Indian flowers are becoming more popular in the world market. Flower Market, in particular exports, is more favorable to the florists of India. The improvement of transport infrastructure and improve the prospects of flowers Indians abroad. At the same time, florists are focusing on the market for the national flower.

Sector Health Services

India population ratio bed hospital is very low compared to the standards of the World Health. (Population of India hospital bed ratio is 1300: 1 against the WHO recommended ratio of 250: 1). With government funding to back off from Kitty, the private sector must play an important role in the health sector. Attention health, both in the commodification a (formal sector), and also in the informal sector is a strong growth potential in India.


It is believed that the early twenty-first belongs to biotechnology and software in India. Biotechnology in India has picked up. Application of biotechnology, particularly in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, poultry, dairy products and fruits and vegetables pay an important role in the future. We must go for an application commercialization of biotechnology in various sectors of the economy where it is feasible. Biotechnology Therefore, it would open many opportunities for entrepreneurs in the future.

Information Technology (IT) Enabled Services

Business to Business Solutions Portal (B2BPS) services would be needed in a great way to meet the changing needs of IT enabled services sector. Enabled services is a U.S. $ 180 billion U.S. company. The sector includes services such as GIS digitization, medical and legal transcription, medical million dollars, and insurance claims processing and archiving and indexing files. All these and many other services could be provided by Indian entrepreneurs. All service providers are smaller in India can not meet the outsourcing needs of U.S. and other developed countries.

Info Tech industry is the most dynamic sector of India. Indian IT industry is the size of the United States U.S. $ 5 billion currently and is expected to increase to 20 times its current size of $ 100 million in 2010. Michael Dertouzos, professor, director of the Laboratory Computer Science at MIT (USA) visited India in February 2000 compared to IT Asia 2000 conference. I was very impressed by the number of English literacy in India and spread of IT services. He said that India may spend a greater share of new opportunities Business of U.S. $ 3 billion generated in the field of IT enabled services - basic collar outsourcing office white - Based on its 50 million English literate people. Mr. Dertouzos feels after the call centers and medical transcription, a new business opportunity in outsourcing office work - accounting, legal, finance, marketing, application forms - developing countries are gaining popularity in India is a good opportunity immediately to take a significant share of this activity. "Office work is estimated at about $ 3 billion per year and may reach an amount Decent 20,000 per year for persons in this case.

Portales Education

Application of information technology the education sector has begun the process of revolutionizing education in the country. The multinationals and Indian companies have started create online educational portals in the country. In the coming days professional training such as management, medicine, engineering, law, should be taught to make extensive use of the Internet. Under the new concept and innovative new students would study and learn during training school and university level line, ie via the Internet. Some companies have already created their websites, which offer different courses for students of the school. IT contractors can easily look forward to the franchise of the main players in providing it, based education courses.

Organized retail

According to industry estimates, the total consumption expenditure India is in the order of Rs.3, 80,000 rupees. the current volume of organized retail in India is about Rs 5 000 crore. Activity Industry organized retail in India is expected to grow between 50-60 per cent annually over the next few years. Organized Trade Retail is likely to achieve sales of Rs.30, 000 rupees for 2005 and move in small towns of India, as it beginning to have some competition between the major comb launches organized retail cities. Details like a business, until recently, has been limited to small scale traders, but now even houses large companies have begun to examine a potential opportunity. Venture capital and bank financing is now available for potential retailers. Experts in the Business Sector Retail Retail is really globalization and emerging patterns are common. Electronic retailing is another emerging fields. Electronic retailing is happening in the business the space business in business to consumer space.

Processing, refrigeration and transportation of food, vegetables and fruit

India has long suffered from the absence of a complete cold chain. Many products Purdon agricultural and other products manufactured in the country die due to lack of cold storage and repair of distribution network. A detailed study by the Government on the food industry and revealed that one third of products are damaged due to a lack of adequate storage and conservation. Meat, poultry, fresh dairy products can be distributed limited in geography and should be consumed in a short period. In addition, the requisition sensitive medical vaccines and pharmaceuticals are suffering due to lack of refrigerated distribution. This situation must change. Food and other precious resources of our country must be preserved at all costs. The refrigeration industry would need to come by providing a wide range of services for industrial refrigeration and trade can serve the whole range of cold storage and refrigerated transport to the retail display and storage units.

Cruise Business

The cruise industry is recovering in India. The rich and famous has led to the immense popularity of cruise ships during the last four years (1996-1999) with an increasing number to 15,000 in 1999 from virtually zero in 1996. The cruise industry is the luxury of eating in good restaurants, casinos, tours of golden sandy beaches and exotic islands. The perception of Indians the cruise industry is changing. People are no longer regarded as a cruiser for the elderly and retirees alone. The concept of cruise became very popular in India. The number of Indians on a cruise on the rise due to greater awareness of marketing and advertising through better pay packages for our operators more fat and a growing tendency to splurge.

A website is an example of this type of service offers Cruise, Mr. Gautam Chadha, CEO of Discover the marketing in the world (the company has two famous cruise lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises Celebrity Cruises), P said: "Never, never get bored. You just find a corner in the library of the ship, relax in a deckchair on the terrace or in the private lounge. For those fun-loving, vessels of various activities of the organization such as flower arranging, auctions art, cabaret singers Casino - Las Vegas style, guests, live bands, and the "how". It is expected a growth rate of 25-30 percent on year the cruise business. Currently, India does not represent even a fraction of the world cruise market. There are more than four million passengers on various cruise lines around the world each year, "he added. Recently, the development of cruise operations indicate clearly good opportunities in this sector.

Mail Services

E-commerce related activities are promised a exponential growth in the 21st century. The expansion of electronic commerce in India and around the world gave impetus to courier companies. recent increase share prices of major courier companies (1,400 per cent increase in the share price of the Elbe Services in just six months 400 cent increase in the price of shares of Blue Dart) is a clear indication of the growth potential of messaging related businesses. The logic is very simple. The services sector should grow by leaps and bounds in the near future for the simple reason that the physical delivery of goods is mainly carried out by companies mail. business network of companies will not be able to support a massive distribution network, whose work in the future, be reduced only deliver the goods manufactured doors manufacturer to consumers. In addition to maintaining an extensive network of dealers is expensive even when the bigwigs " industry are reducing costs. courier companies because of these difficulties with a complex network of companies would be sufficient to perform transactions. Your network will be particularly beneficial for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies that currently rely on a network of suppliers to make their products reach sales levels. If recent trends are any indication, courier services, in both organized and unorganized sectors to ensure a promising future.

Summer Opportunities Related Business Solution

Summer and power cuts are synonymous with India. Gone are the days of reductions in energy intelligence solutions in the form of "Hat and "Pankha," Chik Ki Khas "," Surahs ", etc. are held in the hand. With the advent of technology solutions for the frequent power cuts are immense. And for those times when the power is ordinary life can be spoken with a variety of cooling devices in the form of air conditioning air of high technology and refrigerators. With the latest art technology that is incorporated in these gadgets, clean air and healthy food are de rigueur Today in AC and refrigerators. Silence investors and producers of another lot shot into an essential element almost every purchase of a home. Depending on the demand for a variety of investors and generators can be manufactured by small companies. servo voltage stabilizers, UPS online, interactive on-line UPS, automatic voltage stabilizers, constant voltage transformers, voltage regulators manual, isolation transformers, high voltage regulators, high voltage break down tester, electronic air protection, and suppressors advanced destroyers are other products related to savings solutions that can be easily manufacture in small units.

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