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Fabric color advice for home theater?

I am writing in the downstairs room (16'x20 ') in a home theater, and the need help choosing a fabric color. The walls are green tea leaves Valspar "5004-1C, a light sage green (the color of the walls, this photo): I html need help choosing a fabric to complement the color of the walls. Some I'm thinking: material will be used for curtains covering the windows on one wall. I am also building curtain walls false 8'x7 'front for soundproofing. The false wall will be covered by panels noise in the same fabric. My wife probably would veto anything too dark. Some details: the roof is of cedar wood, the floor is white tile, but will be largely covered by a carpet that I am inclined: product/765894/765894442724.jpg Many thanks for the advice.

try a dark gray

Interior painting ideas: Colors, 2009

In the modern world in which we live, where almost everything is dictated by trends and fashion whether in clothing, interior decoration, or technology, and many try to follow and keep. The colors are the most important of these trends create the greatest impact, especially in our homes. For 2009, trends embrace earth colors of inspiration, reflecting the environmental awareness in full expansion. Transform your home in New York a haven for pure relaxation and inspiration that time by the injection of 2009 tons in it. If you Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island, here are the big ideas for interior painting to guide you in your journey of exploration design.

World Fusion

This trend 2009 Painting interior is inspired by individuals who have international influences found the unit by providing an amazing range so great an idea. Taking this idea, which would create a color by choosing festive table colors such as pink desert rouge, red tricycle, fire and ice, thunderbird, Pacific Palisades, perennials, Lucerne, orange and mango punch. Lime water green and royal blue dark purple orange and all shades in between, all work for the global aspect of the merger. To complete the plan, the colors Vibrating 2009 are supplemented by the best shiny gold, silver and metal depth.

Neutral Medley

Leave your decor and furnishings are alive with the backdrop a fresh, clean system medley neutral interior paint. Yes, it is neutral in 2009 and is certainly hot. What better way to invest money nuanced test of time. Even if you decide not to repaint after a long period, these favorites of many owners and estate agents are as timeless.

In the modern world where people face the turmoil of everyday life, it is useful to answer the simple is to win through the application of neutral colors for walls. The colors are inspired by first major natural elements such as yellow and green leaves, calm waters, land and sky, sand and wood. Despite neutral system can complement almost all tastes and preferences in design, which works best with a home-style rustic decor shabby chic, cottage style, west interior inspiration, or anything else retro.

Organic Medley

This trend for 2009 interior paint is strongly influenced by the call to fight against pollution and global warming and sustainability reflects Social highly urbanized. A relaxed atmosphere can be achieved even if you live in the middle of the busy urban jungle with a touch of organic. This scheme can create a refreshing look inside with a delicious blend of colors in a garden. The color palette consists of colors in halftone yellow, brown, rich and green are dominant. To top the look and give your home a distinctive quality, bronze and precious metals infused elements brass say the land.

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