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Anybody can further simplify this sentence?

One type, of 2,000 square meters, it takes the family on 15,800 board feet lumber and about 10,900 square feet of wood panels and other products.

Not really much to do to this sentence .. very point now. Here is a suggestion to change wording, however. A standard residential structure 2,000 square feet requires 15,800 board feet of lumber and 10,900 square feet of panels and other products wood.

American white oak furniture

American White Oak, Quercus alba Latin name, is an American manufacturer of hardwood furniture Popular around the world. And, more recently, the use of fashion as hardwood floors, American oak has been used for centuries for the manufacture of cabinets, doors, panels, kitchen cabinets and bedroom, and among other traditional uses for the building of ships, barrels and drums. Its popularity is well deserved: the grain is generally regular straight, achieving an effect even across the room, while easy to work for manufacturers of furniture, and its light color allows it to be stained with perfect tone for the furniture.

Be a heavy hard wood is perhaps surprising that American oak is low in stiffness and can be folded into the desired shape, most often by bending steam. This quality above the ideal wood for building ships, but today it is used for architectural applications, Luxury and stairs.

American White Oak grows mainly in the eastern United States and Canada, but can grow to the extent that trade in West Texas and Minnesota. The tree reaches a height of about sixty eighty-five feet (twenty to twenty-five meters), but the trees is their actual size in the propagation section which can grow as large as the height. Have a light gray bark gives the name of White Oak, with light brown wood.

A special properties white oak, not in its red cousin, is impervious to water. This has the ideal wood for shipbuilding and barrels of wine, and it is now useful for garden furniture. This is due to cellular structures that are known tyloses structure without gaps for water to pass through.

Furniture mainly manufactures buy American white oak lumber as a board raw wood is dried in an oven before being exported to North America. Usually sold in thicknesses from 1 "to 3", although thicker than this are available, and is available in a variety of widths and lengths. The widths are generally 4 "to 9", although 10 "or more are available at higher prices, while the length can be up to 14, but 8 ', 10' and 12 'is more common.

The products are white oak also used: panels of white oak planks are sometimes used by manufacturers of furniture, especially for cabinets and doors, while the spaces, often two matches but the grain pieces are used for stair spindles and posts.

furniture styles are dark stained oak real designs, designed to emulate the royal courts, in the conceptions of light spots without giving a natural look. Table and chairs are very popular, and oak kitchen, comfortable beds and closets.

The only negative qualities associated with American white oak are your reactions to metals galvanized non-ferrous such as iron, can stain and corrode wood. It is recommended a replacement metal such as stainless steel or brass is used. The wood is also ideal for bonding, but not impossible.

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Niche Timbers is an established timber merchants in the United Kingdom that supply American Oak to furniture manufacturers and other trades. They also supply the rare Pippy Oak as well as Oak Panels and many other hardwoods and timber products. If you are looking for high quality hardwoods, look no further than Niche Timbers. You can contact them in the UK on 01924 371313.


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