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bottom bell-bottom pants to change his pants leg. I can do a little stitching. need to know how to change this?

I have a pair of pants Old Bell Fund to modify and make straight pants. They are a blend of cotton material, not denium. Should I use a template? Should I remove seams and start New?

It is necessary to rip the seams around the knee, or if they start to explode. According to the pants, you can only pull the crotch. Make sure you do not make them too tight you can not get. So basically to sew the seam, do not cut any material until you have tested and make sure that is the way you want. Do one side at times, and then measure the face and double back with the other leg to make sure they are identical.

Living with art - or is it art?

All my life I've been sewing. He is now 50 years or less, since my mother began to teach me to sew - Buttons Dress shirts, embroidery.
Maybe he has started on the dolls' clothing, even if I do not remember. I remember a blouse (with help from mom) when I was about 12 years. We were on the way to

new store where the fabric was very cheap. When we arrived at the house of the material, we discovered why - it was damaged by water in some places. But it was a beautiful fabric, bought a little more for what is perhaps enough to make the shirt, cut off the water marks.By when he was 16, I did a lot of my clothes. It was the 60 swing in London, I wanted all the latest fashions, and there could them more if I spent my income from my job as a typist in newly acquired patterns and fabrics. I used Hot Pants, I wore slinky dresses by 40'S-style I had everything I could sew fashion. What we could do, I bought on the London market, Petticoat Lane, which was near my work in the East End of town. The Paris market was where I developed my passion for bags of all kinds. At noon, the girls in the office - as it was called - used for the head "by the way." Petticoat Lane, Middlesex Street and now, was known as Tudor Hog Lane. Since 1608 has been a market for clothing and work Even today, the rights protected by the Act of Parliament. I found bags of all kinds, with all sorts of pockets and zippered compartments. I particularly liked buttoned pockets on the outside, leather and suede patchwork.
I made patchwork bags and requests for a number of years, and even crazy patchwork bag. My husband quickly away from the Exchange
Shop! I ensure that all children's clothing - knitting, sewing, whatever - until he went to school and discovered that everyone had "bought things." So I would not use my creations.
On the outside, I continued to make clothes for myself, and recently completed a Crazy Quilt jacket with velvet, satin and gloss Heavy China, has donated me
by my cousin. I added a velvet ribbon, braid and heavy lace, braids and other finishes on the seams, and the union ended with bias edges. I was happy as a king with the result and put it on our family Christmas. Christmas in Australia is hot still in early summer, and I am happy to take off once it has been duly admired.

My current interest is embroidery. I always used previously stranded cotton, and only this year began after the reading of flossing - devour - books
by the famous embroiderer Helen Stevens. What a contrast! The beauty of silk embroidery is awesome.
It took me a long time to process with my own design. I have always designed, because I could never be completely satisfied with the configuration of some others, and always adapted to my needs or to add items I was looking for. Over time I thought, I'm here, following the development of another of a bird, by example, then cut in two can turn around your head, then drawing the line to reduce it, or abroad to enlarge - try early, Christine, others may call, so why not me?
Well, I'm not very good, but I have a reasonable resemblance if I can reasonably simple lines. It was a revelation for a non-artist. And it is very useful complementary now that I'm designing models for my new website.

The house that I share with my husband is decorated with quilts, embroidery, patchwork cushions, paintings mixed media and at the door of my office, I have many pending
multicolored tangle of nostalgia, Multi - texture and colors are so attractive to retain its management and look. He has been there for months, and I can not stand the idea of saving. Such is life with art - or is it art?

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