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Do you recommend cutting Making Memories SLICE?

I would buy based on paper in the form of punch before you notice about this machine. I do not I'm a big scrapbooker, but I have a lot of cards and crafts. I LOVE simple design, so no need to use different sizes of circles, scallops, squares, etc. label used to purchase 3.4 sizes forms the base document in the form of punch, but it seems more convenient and saves a lot of my space and money! 3.4 instead of buying different sizes of the same paper punch ... especially when the paper punch easily cost $ 15. I saw a demo video are made in place, and all I did not know was that I had to use the glue on the Glass Mat thing every time I cut something ?!?!? I could be so severe. In addition, How often do you change the blade? Any benefits, disadvantages would be appreciated! If we recommend you to buy a lot of hits, I'll buy it today! Thanks!

Personally, I invest in a Sizzix machine. It will do much more for you. You can use all the products Cuts Sizzix, Cuttlebug (which are cheap) and Spellbinders Quickkutz. There are many sizes and shapes and scripts to use it. You should be able to use this coupon JoAnn

Halloween Crafts - Keep your children happy and busy!

To learn some Halloween crafts for your children, a number of places you can go. For starters, you can view it online. A number of websites are now devoted to Halloween crafts for kids and you can Many of these sites receive different ideas on how you and your children can have fun while decorating your house for Halloween. Here is some Halloween crafts most favorite thing you can do with their children.

sparkling chandeliers are one of the most popular trades Halloween for children. Distribute your spiders easy to do at home or suspended from the ceiling to decorate your table. First, take a ball Polystyrene 4 ". Use a sponge boat paint ball deep purple. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle a little moderation white glow. Stick googly eyes on it and use black pipe cleaners for legs on the sides. Bend the pipe so that it seems that the spider stands on its own. This makes its own sparkling chandelier.

You can use an egg carton for easy Halloween crafts for children to come. Take three successive egg connected and disconnected from the rest of the box. Cut to the two cups to simulate wings. If possible, paint the box black cardboard and attach all bulging eyes with a little white glue to draw a face with a bat. In the half-cup top, drill a hole and tie a rope around a node at one end. You can hang the stick where you want.

Halloween crafts for children is not a task difficult at all, although there are some professions that require adult supervision. If you have shrubs around your home, business Halloween ensure that all the neighbors to talk about their Halloween decorations. First, a folded white sheet in half. Stuff some newspapers in the folds. Then use black paint or permanent marker craft to draw a funny face or scary ghost on top of the page. After he dry, cover the mountain with him, pulling hard from behind and connect with a clothespin for your own garden ghost.

If you apply imagination and creativity does not end in the number of planes they can do with their children at Halloween. Ask your children to achieve their own trades. The use of sweet corn to decorate a candle or a pumpkin faces ribbon construction paper in their windows. Opportunities are endless. Even adults can have fun making Halloween crafts for children. So far the boats with their children and become the same child.

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