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I write my article the use of MS Word, but I forgot to double space. There is an easy way to solve this problem?

Instead of going to each word and pressing the tab space, I can do somthing else? I allready wrote the document and must be double spaced.

Select your paper. Go to the Format menu and click Paragraph. Spacing change "Duplicate. If you use MS Office 2007, options to "format" paragraph could be elsewhere.

Some paper files Martin Yale


If you have a small family business or a company much larger the efficiency is very important for good production. Much of the efficiency comes from the office equipment you use. That Whether typewriters, computers, adding machines or files, it is important to the team that is high quality and effective. Some company names stand out above the rest when it comes to high quality goods. Martin Yale is one of those names that have always represented high quality, efficient office products such as Martin Yale Paper Folder

Swallow Yale is a leading brand recognition in the mailroom and office equipment have been developed to make your business more productive. Martin Yale Industries, a manufacturer known for its American Customer Satisfaction, has been in the area of design, manufacturing and engineering of high quality products for the office nearly 70 years. A product, in particular, Martin Yale is the case. Most office workers spend too much time in envelopes and folding papers. When you have to do this several times in his work, which is definitely on the need for a folder Martin Yale. There are several models available from Martin Yale, depending on your needs offices. Here is a list of some of the most popular brands of Paper Folding Machines Martin Yale.

For years, Martin Yale Autofolder 1271st was one of society's most popular heavy folding machines paper on the market. Is designed for folding a variety of paper sizes including letter size, legal size, 11 "x 17" and 12 "x 18" paper format. You can even fold many heavy paper stock trapped inside other paper folding machines. These features make the Martin Yale 1217th an excellent choice for medium to large mail rooms, print small and medium businesses to large churches.

Swallow 1217th Autofolder Yale

Strengths / Features:

The Martin Yale Autofolder 1217th is one of the files is only available on paper the market that is capable of handling 12 "x 18 sheet size.
This is important for many printers and 12 "x 18" is a common size sheet digital press. For organizations that seek times and bristol high weight 1217th Martin Yale is one of the best options available market. feed rollers to help manage large heavy types of heavier paper and is capable of managing a coverage of 90 pounds, 135 pounds , 165-pound index offset paper. The feed rollers much more of this machine also makes it more suitable for handling of coated and glossy. However, the plates coated and glossy paper must be tested with this machine to make sure that goes smoothly and that the marks will not be in action Friction rollers. The Martin Yale 1217th run at speeds up to 10,300 letter-size sheets per hour. According to the model fold and sheet size that you are using may not be able to reach this threshold. most, however, the 1217th must be fast enough to cope with high speed printing Digital equipment parts. This means that you should be able to double their documents at least as fast as you can print. The 1217th can also Autofolder produce a wide variety folding models, including: a letter of time, half the time, Z-fold, double parallel fold, bend at right angles and the barons. Or if you fold a sheet of paper plates, custom size can manually adjust the time to produce almost any style of folding you can imagine.

Weaknesses and limitations:

The 1217th was not setting speed manual. If you want to be able to adjust the speed bending you need to look to feature 2020VS 1217th similar to the series, but includes a continuous speed. The ability to adjust walking speed produces glossy coating materials and easier and also can help eliminate paper jams and problems of feeding problems. To feed the paper into the autofolder 1217th need to deploy the paper so that each sheet is separated from the next. This may be a bit difficult. paper folding Many other larger machines do not require a fan for folding paper. There is a huge benefit, but is a bit embarrassing. The Martin Yale 1217th is a configuration file manually paper. This means that you must manually move the plates are bent in positions to change modes folding. This may be difficult for inexperienced users, especially if you need to change patterns of regular folding. If both plates are not configured correctly or are not completely square of paper file may crash or cause creases throughout. If you anticipate that you will regularly changing Once the plates and its operators are not mechanically inclined, you can be a good idea to seek the installation folder automated more than the Martin Yale smartfolder 2051.


The 1217th autofolder Martin Yale is what is sometimes considered a "bread and butter "issue. Over the years has been one of the most sought after folding for quick printers, copy shops and print shops plant. We offer you the opportunity to fold the paper, large stock, and heavy work at high speeds. This makes it an ideal device for room mail medium and large churches, and printing. However, the fact that you have to manually configure both plates on this machine does not allow an ideal machine for applications where several models are needed and inexperienced operators are required to use the machine.


  The user AutoFolder 1601

The Martin Yale 1601 Automatic paper record with a beautiful unique design. This paper folding machine is easy to manipulate. Just a single switch is needed to begin to function, simply press and hold the start button until first folded sheet ejects, let go of the start button, and you're ready! Sometimes rapidly a variety of documents to the Martin Yale 1601 paper folder. This machine can handle documents up to 8-1/2 "by 14" size, and can create up to five folds of the most common letter, half, z-time parallel, sometimes twice and French. The engine of the 1601 Martin Yale operates at a speed of 9,000 sheets per hour. With a 150 sheet paper tray at a time. Enjoy improvements to advanced settings that allow double plate folds out and easy to adjust.

office files P6200

  The Martin case Yale P6200 paper is a computer handy that is capable of folding up to 3 sheets at a time and is ideal for companies sometimes need to bend letters. The P6200 is simple to use and designed for one type of fold (letter fold). It will take your letter-size paper and fold them to quickly adapt a standard No. 10. The Martin Yale P6200 is ideal for users who have sent letters, correspondence and invoices and the need to fold a paper both. In fact, you can sit at your desk so that it is ready to fold when you are. Not even get up.You can also be able to obtain any other information you need

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