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When you buy a house to someone how much you should pay for the paper work in Los Angeles in California?

I try to buy my first house California, but I am a bit confused when the guy told me we had to pay Realstate DLS 17,000. Working Paper 580,000 dls. duplex. He said that according to the price the house that will determine the amount to be paid for the work of the paper. Is this for real? He also said he would bid and ask the owner to pay a portion of the fee for paper work. Please help before going further. Any advice Thanks

$ 17,000 is very similar in closing costs. Is his agent to make funding and represent you in buying your home? You are the person making the offer, not its agent. They are only guides and advisers in the process. There are some charges that his cirmcustances closing would be $ 17,000: 1. You buy the lowest interest rates. 2. Your credit score is solid and has to pay. 3. Your agent should put gas in his Hummer. Okay, but seriously. If this is your first home, you can choose from several home buyers first time (FTHB) incentives. was below market rates available and down payment assistance (DPA). Depending on what the city of Los Angeles that you want you may be eligible for the DAP as well. Visit the website of the City's housing department for more information. Danke Schoen ~ Please Contact me with any questions or a second opinion. Nathan 925-250-6067 888-602-4622 ext 12

Home Paper Organization

You have an organization of original paper map.
This is probably the stage For the most critical document in your house organized. If you do not have a plan, it is likely that the document that comes into your home simply ends where he landed. This is particularly a bad situation where you have email accounts or important that the treatment in this way. This can lead to delays in payments, late fees and other things that negatively affect your current financial situation and its future financial condition.

Then how do you get a document from the organization plan at home? Decide what you will do with each piece of paper that comes home. According to the map paper, this will affect where it belongs. Let me explain. The chances are that you do not need their children and the arts craft school the same location as the tickets. Therefore, we designated a space in your home for the arts and crafts of entry and a separate area for your accounts. Bills, of course, would be in your home office, while the arts and crafts could go into a room with their children or, in some "Screen" of the house. Decide what is the role belongs logically in your home is important to organize so that you can actually use and follow the rhythm. And this brings us to point 2.

Palo your organization plan of the document originated.
Easier said than done, I know. But critical if you want to be aware of the role that is at home. So how? One way is to get whole family involved in the plan of work organization. Get their buy-in on the plan and, most importantly, get your consent to follow the plan. Have a plan that does does not go very far. Of course everyone is clear on the plan so there is no excuse not to obey.

Another way to ensure your home organization plan of the paper is to make sure it follows that there are appropriate consequences for not following the plan. One consequence could be that he who does not follow the plan is to organize all the paper in the house the next day. Decide what works for you, but with consequences for not following the plan can help everyone in the house (including you!) Go with him.

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Keeping the paper in your house organized requires that you come up with and stick to a home paper organization plan. All it requires is that you think about the paper that comes into your home and how you need to keep it organized for your needs. Get more help for your paper organization nightmares at


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