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How can clean waste paper trail of the surface of the glass?

There is residue on the glass fog the paper used for packaging

Try some of the tips in the link below to learn how to clean windows of fog - see if they help. Good luck!

Packing Tips - what goes where?

Checked baggage

If you are traveling with someone, and have individual packages each of you can put half of her clothes in each bag, others (perhaps in plastic bags). This aid, if a bag is lost. You avoid the situation where only get a backpack and one of you all things while the other does not. If your friend is a trafficker Drug scrupulous However, this trick is not to recommend. Also imagine how much fun it is to explain the types of customs for your backpack is filled with your Underwear girlfriends.

Put something in your bag to be easily recognizable when it is like a colored label or bag tape tied.

Putting things in several different plastic bags, for example one for dirty clothes, one for clean clothes, a medicine and another for electronics. This makes it easier to find things. There are also specific Travelbag can be used for this purpose. Some they are very resistant to water that may be useful. Others have a fine mesh that makes it easier to see what's inside.

Note Note that some plastic bags with color printing can rub a bit of color that can adhere to clothing. If you plan to buy much things that you can bring along a bag and until you have made your purchases, you can use to store dirty laundry.

When your great backpack to ensure that heavier objects are packed closer to your back.

Check your luggage before leaving (weight and number of items allowed) to avoid excess weight charges.

Do not store memories as key rings, medals, etc. hanging outside your checked baggage, they may disappear during baggage handling.

Hand Luggage

Check the regulations in force for the safety of what they can bring as hand baggage, some of suggestions here is not possible due to safety on some flights (eg, regarding liquids and gels). If you need to put drugs on the council to check whether you must make a prescription and / or put it in the original container.

Make sure your luggage is in accordance with the rules concerning the number of units authorized, authorized weight and space. If you risk and try to get a large bag on board may have a small bag with the essentials (which can be drawn) in the large if it is obliged to check on your big bag.

Your hand baggage must be packed so as to be opened and shown to security, do not so much that everything goes flying in all directions if it is open.

What must be transported as hand luggage:

* A change of clothes (if you fall behind the bag)

* Toilet paper

Earplugs *

* Eye color

* Container of contact lenses in case you need to remove your contact lenses during flight

* Pillow inflatable

* Toiletries

* The medicines in their original packaging and prescription

* Player MP3/media

Games *

* Book

* Water bottle (to be completed after passing through security if there are restrictions on the transport liquids on board and the water is drinkable)

Things do not carry hand luggage:

* All Items listed prohibited items.


Once you've reached your destination, you might consider re-packing your bag contains things that might be useful for their day trips, such as:

Rainwear *

Kit * for example, first aid, bandages, antiseptics, medicines against diarrhea, aspirin

* Cookies, Fruit or other foods to keep you going when the power is low

* Water

* Camera

* Sunscreen

* Toilet paper

Earplugs *

* Eye color

* Inflatable Pillow

* Film coating (to be removed and used as a blanket)

* Change of clothes in case of fresh

* Contact lenses or glasses backup (in case of loss)

* Wipes or antibacterial hand sanitizer to clean your hands

Portfolio / Wallets

In addition to money and the usual elements of what follows is useful to keep your handbag / wallet:

* Emergency card with contact details

* Address of the slot (to get a hotel card with the address reception)

* Card Exchange

* A letter with key phrases in the local language

* Compass Thumbnail

* Small torch (flashlight) example button

For security reasons, could be useful to consider making a small portfolio that fits in a front pocket.

money belt

The best way to carry valuables is a belt made money in his clothes. It is very difficult for pickpockets to reach. An alternative is to use a bag to the leg may be less sweaty.

His belt money can make the sport so that it can be useful to buy two and use every day while washing the only one not to use. You also put some toilet paper in the silver belt care in the stomach, the paper absorbs some of perspiration and can be changed frequently. You can also try to put the money belt in the back instead of your stomach for a change.

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