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How do you make the glue used on tear-away-pads of paper? I want to make my own paper pad.?

I never knew that dollar stores sold glew like that.

the consistency.. I THINK similar to rubber cement with a hint of glue stick....u may try to breakdown the sticky bond with water or a polish remover a touch (careful to not make a toxic gas)....but you do not want it to bond fully for the peel-away factor....just a suggestion...good luck

Dry Erase Easel Pad

Every established or aspiring artist is faced with one inevitable expense-the voluminous amounts of paper required to sketch an outline of their future creations. Some mistakes can be covered up or incorporated into the sketch while others ruin the entire sheet of paper that must then be crumpled up and thrown away or turned over for one more use. Not only is paper costly, it drains away resources in the forms of the trees, water and other materials required to make it.

Now NEATO, the innovators of CD/DVD labeling, has announced their newest contribution-the Dry Erase Easel Pad! Each pad comes with ten sheets of dry erase paper that is guaranteed erasable for life, quickly and cleanly getting rid of an errant mark, a blatant mistake or an entire sketch. These sheets are perforated and can be torn off easily, applied to an easel with repositionable adhesive and used again and again.

Amateur and professional artists aren’t the only ones can find this revolutionary new paper cost effective. Professional illustrators can significantly reduce their overhead costs and raise their profits, as can executive assistants who are responsible for presentations that must look professional. Art schools will be able to funnel needed funds to other supplies such as markers, oils, charcoals and other media rather than buying reams of tablets. Public schools will be able to offer more art classes with the savings they reap from the dry erasable easel pads.

Mothers and daycare workers, too, will delight in the convenient and portable erasable pads. And because the erasable pads don’t tear, artists and youngsters alike will be be able to take them places they wouldn’t even consider prior to this innovation.

The erasable pad isn’t the only revolutionary development in the art world, however. In 2007, Artist’s Advantage introduced the WINDMILL at the National Art Materials Trade Association trade show and won first place for Best New Product.

The WINDMILL, as its name implies, allows the artist to revolve a work a full 360 degrees for an entirely new perspective to their work and access to the entire canvas. The artist can have either complete exposure of the surface or exposure of edge to achieve “museum wrap” quality. Not only does the WINDMILL reduce fatigue suffered in long painting sessions, disabled artists find their work more accessible.

The stand along WINDMILL unit comes as a wood based studio easel that can attach easily to trees, posts, fences or other handy outdoor devices when painting outside. A stand-alone pivot assembly is another option.

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