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Can anyone tell me where to find detailed directions on how to make my own patterns for paper piecings?

I am a scrapbooker and card maker and I love to use paper piecing patterns for creating embellishments for my creations but you can find allot of designs in coloring books and the internet and other such places but how do I make my own patterns from these designs ........ it's seemingly not as easy as it appears it would be to make pattern any help in finding detailed directions would be greatly appreciated

sorry, i don't know of any websites. but may be this would help --
first draw whatever you want to - make the entire pattern/design with all details.

then start to "dissemble" the pattern part by part or layer by layer.
eg, if you've drawn a flower, then its parts would include petals [all of same size or different?], centre, leaves, stem, ...

so take a tracing paper, place it over your design & draw out all the parts SEPARATELY. you may need to connect certain lines to make them complete.

so now you will have the shapes of petal, centre, leaf, stem traced. If required [especially for repeated use], carbon-copy on to card paper & make cut-outs. [if you are using computer graphics, adjust accordingly]

check to see how many of each you need, and in what colors.

accordingly, lay the cut-out on the chosen paper & cut.
after you've cut all the necessary pieces/parts in their appropriate colors & shapes/sizes, assemble them into the pattern & glue.

if it helps, NUMBER each part/piece of the design so that you can tick off at each step what you have without missing anything. however, once you get the hang of it, it really will be easy [though laborious! ;-)]

for raised effect, fold along centre, etc.
for 3-D effect, glue only at one end or in center & leave the rest free.

hope this helped
all the very best & have fun

Alluring Piece Of Canvas

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Now I would like to stop at this significant point as I had better draw your attention to another facet while making a canvas print. What makes your canvases last for years? The answer is the inks. Only good UV-protected inks make it possible to admire your canvases in 75 years time and maybe even longer. Enjoy vivacious and spirited memories on your canvases. Colours are resistant to fading again due to the inks used. Colour fastness and longevity are reached on the bases of best modern methods, practical approach, and excellent conditions for printing process. Of course, with some older archival inks are pigmented. But, the percentage is very, very low. However, if you use high- quality inks, then this fading is reduced to minimum.

Even taking into account bright illumination onto your print, you will get pleasure from contemplating your canvas at least for another hundred years. Now I want to give you a piece of advice on how to preserve your canvas prints. As by observing the conditions you preserve them in depends also on the quality of manufacture of them. Try not to get your prints wet. Of course, you may that say that canvas prints are water - resistant. Yes, you are right, but it is does not mean water- proof. So, you better take care not to drench them. Water- resistant means that water glides easily off your prints, but it can partially be absorbed into material.

Though, it is UV-protected, do not hang in direct sunshine. Intense, straight and permanent sunlight fades bright and vivid colors. Especially, if you place it outdoors avoid direct sun rays. Keep your canvas away from acids. Check the frame and make certain it is acid- free. Acid in a moment can turn a print into rubbish and thus destroys the whole art pieces. You should have a special brush in order to remove dust from your print. Brush must be soft and clean not be able to scratch or do any harm to the beautiful canvas print. Just follow these simple rules and canvas print will fill your heart with warm memories, pleasant emotions and sense of beauty. By the way, you can share your joy and make a nice present of such a canvas print for your beloved one. It is a very special thing to give.

About the Author

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