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Does anyone know how quilting patterns piece of paper?

I'm trying to learn a piece of paper stuck but anyone can sew on paper and material to perfection. Mine is fun .....:(

Quilting paper using as a base is called English and spare parts is a wonderful way to relax for hand piece of a quilt, because it is so portable and accurate. The two important aspects to reconstruct the role of tissue paper (I prefer to use a map of light) and set the fabric "Firmly and unequivocally to the map. If you're adapting a regular pattern for use with paper piecing, you must cut a portion of the edges map the pattern pieces so that the thickness of the fabric is folded around the blade. This may sound funny, but with a quilt with hundreds of pieces when outside Room can be one inch. Set the fabric and tack it to the card using a point operation (without knots) So it seems clear and firm. when done remove the top of the card. I'm usually a tissue model for each form that includes the card filled with more than 1 cm or ¼ inch to fold under. When you join the pieces with a point and cons of the whip without knots. I get to sew an eighth of an inch Back Stich in a corner and change direction and take a thread or two on each piece. Stitches should be close to them to ensure the opening of any hole "between the edges. Hope this helps.:)

How to read a sewing pattern

When it comes to sewing, reading patterns can be intimidating, the first thing to know is that Several types and models that everyone can have its own design variations or what many call "points of view." Beginners can start with the models base showing signs that are easy to follow, these starter patterns do not often need people to get too technical measures, and tissue models.

When you buy a model is important to pay attention to the front and back of the envelope model. The front panel can be demonstrated that the final product or how the situation would be if you followed all the instructions, there are of course some variations and customizations you can do to end an original play, which of course depends on the project you are taking, could be decorating or clothing.

The back of the envelope which contains summaries and descriptions important to read if you want to know what you are getting, sometimes people buy these projects because the image of finished product is beautiful however the traces in the same trend can be difficult to decipher. This is why beginners may feel they trying to understand a foreign language. Another key element should provide the focus is the design and type of fabric for this project requires that give you an idea of how much fabric you need to buy.

When buying the fabric to provide attention to its design, and determine if it has nap, this last condition is satisfied if the fabric has a drawing of a shape, texture, and disseminate even or uneven plaid, For example, say you get a fabric dancing penguins printed in one direction, if you can not buy enough fabric to finish the cutting and sewing pieces do not fit with the rest of design, for example, some penguins will be facing right and left.

If you work with textures unclear, it is also important to buy more fabric, it is the kind of material which, when rubbed in a direction that is smooth but when brushed in the opposite direction, it is rough. When you feel this resistance you can see that the color of the material became darker and the color is uneven.

When you open the envelope is a set of instructions to follow if you do not understand a certain word can also use the glossary that most of them. It is always the first step, do not rush and try to take the project if you have not read the instructions this does well. You will also find the pattern pieces that can be stored for future projects If you buy a piece of model tracing material, many people find useful, because they do not want to end up buying the same pattern again and again. You find that some models have been traced on soft paper and others on harder materials, the hard material is usually printed on the principal employer to be submitted tissue, as shown in the diagrams.

It is important that you organize your space and keep all the instructions in front of you, this way you still have pieces of pager lying under fabrics and other materials. Remember that needles and other sharp objects so keeping everything to help To avoid any accident.

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