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How to apply a label or logo on a jacket vis Hello?

nobody knows how to put a logo or logo on a high visibility jacket ... I emitted by Hi know my work, but no longer has a problem due to a change in the way we're all busy ... I logo / Bage printed on a label to say hello and have never sewn .. anyone know of a sticker or something that lets me fix my jacket?

Unless the return of the ID card is very gunked with plastic sticker, I had to sew by hand or machine. This is the most sustainable. I do not know if available in the UK, but there are a number of PVA-based adhesives that designed for such things as: com / oktowash.html But you can also use a silicone-based compound such as those used for The sole of the shoe repair ( or silicon caulk used for aquariums and other construction items that must be impervious to Water:

leather stamps information

Leather is a vast subject involving many. Leather stamping is one of those recreational activities that can be done. Leather stamping Some people do as income generating activity. By using stamps or shape tools, you can make words, letters, images and pictures including leather decorative. It may take some time before they can master the art of using leather stamps.

But Embossed leather is one of artistic fun and simple tasks you can do. Raised or embossed leather are other terms used to designate printed leather. Not to be confused if meet these conditions. All textile leather they have is not necessarily easy to print. In particular, the leather should Stamping is often cut thick to allow for different models to create it.

A fur intend to do to prepare for embossing leather. In general, artisans moisten the textile industry before they destroy the forms. After pressing, the skin is left to dry, after which it is delivered with special creams, water resistant. Creams are necessary for the stamp latest creations.

Once the skin is marked correctly, could be used to:

* Belt

* The decorative bags

* Plates

* Patches

* Shoes and

* Bags

It can be as creative as you can in embossed leather. Some companies dealing with activities of mass printing. This explains why it is easy to find stamped leather or studded leather presses. leather factories mainly bought this type of leather because it requires more preparation.

Make hand printed leather

embossed leather is available if you want to buy. Rather those who can not make hand-stamped leather. This is not an easy task. Is necessary hand tools, which are different stamps leather trade. Do not worry where you can buy the tools.

Some stores sell a kit including printing. He has what it takes to create models as you want on the leather. You need a bridge to help you reach Sealing tools with care. If you are a beginner may not know much about leather, let alone have a visa? Classes are located in different institutions or arts and craft centers. Attending a few lessons is very important so that you can learn the basics.

Classroom learning is not enough. You should spend some time practicing using his books and tools. In addition, you must define one of its rooms and a workshop. In this spacious, store all your printing tools leathercraft, sewing and cutting tools, among others. Doing so, also take a good security measure.

Where to find sources of stamping

Those who are starting to need more time to stamp leather stamps resources. In that time, you should not worry to find these resources. Take the time to search the Web. There are many websites that sell stamping tools and everything else. In addition, some sites of value providing additional information and knowledge about leather in general. They also give good advice printing begins. Choose tools alert before paying for them.

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