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"I can use a quilt top layer only, without the support of a fitted double sheet?

I was looking for a fabric to a twin blade modules and decided that would be more fun to rebuild a small group of fabric and sew them together to make fitted sheet. I've never made a quilt, and I hoped it could use these pieces "quilt-top" cloth patch worked without contests or borders to make a fitted sheet. Of course, I have the intention to finish seams. Is this a bad idea?

I think this project would have too many problems. I think that is bad in the areas of durability and comfort. No seams serious it apart to avoid wear and the need to wash the leaves. You really have to finish all edges. And I think that all edges of the seams and finishes seriously affect the comfort of someone sleeping in it. If it were me, I would put the fabric nice and hard work to the top of the bed.

The former small quilts

It is not uncommon to have a collection of old quilts. But doll quilts?

Yes, quilts doll. While charming in its own right, which are difficult to find because during the period in which they were made, they were considered as irrelevant and unimportant.

Many were made from scrap and hardened the use of girls to whom they belonged. Quilts made by young people is likely to reflect his lack of knowledge in sewing refined hand.

The girls in the nineteenth century were formed when they were very young in what was considered his masterpiece. Before sewing machines were common in homes, sewing hand was important for girls to learn because it is likely to be sewing clothes, bedding and linens for your home.

It was therefore natural, that doll quilts would be the perfect practice piece. Not only small, but a girl can start with something simple, like strips, then work to create a patch for nine years, and even sewing curves.

In addition, if desired, a girl can a piece of complex design, using triangles and squares to quilt your wrist.

Girls and boys have learned to sew from their mothers, often before that learned to read. A very young child can begin sewing with a thread without a knot, then gain even more practice by counting threads on a piece tissue.

It was not uncommon for girls who are required to complete a review of nine years old when she was nine years old. Surprisingly, some bedding record mid-nineteenth century, newspapers above must be completed by girls as young as five years.

A Quilter, Edith Bell Sims, says she started a quilt in three years with her mother cutting the fabric, sewing lines marked, and the pieces together. Edith then stitched the patches - first hand and later in her new sewing machine pedal. Edith finished her quilt top when she was six.

Couture was (And probably still should be) considers that inspire the virtues necessary for all children, cleaning, care, patience, perseverance, and acceptance of routine and repetition.

Girls from upper class families as I learned to do needlework, but using the best materials and intricate designs. It is not unusual to find crazy quilts with velvets, silks and wools that have been made by children in upper class families.

Unlike children today, children in the 1800s had little your imagination to play. Only the upper class can afford to buy imported European dolls, dolls for the children created from canes, handkerchiefs, corn, or anything else they could find.

No wonder the girls want to create something like it had his wrists. Often, girls are elements left bedspreads worn and turn them into quilts for her dolls.

Sometimes it would be a replica of a quilt bed using smaller pieces to be sure to recreate the model bed quilt. Other times remaining patches are used to make quilts bed quilts, doll even if the design of the quilt would be lost.

Most these blankets are rebuilt, not applied? And some were made from handkerchiefs printed children with a holiday or religious themes.

Because labor-saving devices, and small families, the mothers of the twentieth century had more time to include elements of creativity in their blankets doll - nursery rhymes, animals, and even pastel colors.

Quilts are now made in all sizes different, each with a different purpose. Some quilts have never seen the big bed, even if the size of a quilt king size bed.

Similarly, minor blankets were made to fill a seat on a wall, and I had never, even for a bed doll. I wonder if perhaps some of the XIX century small quilts hanging on a wall, and have never been in a doll's bed.

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Penny Halgren Penny has been a quilter for more than 26 years and enjoys sharing her quilting knowledge quilters all around the world.


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