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Pazzle Pazzles

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is there a printer that can cut?

Is there a printer I can buy that will cut out designs or semi-cut the images? If not can kinkos or other printing companies do it for me?

Crafters (cardmakers and scrapbookers) use die-cutting machines that can cut out vector artwork created in programs like Adobe Illustrator. They hook up to a computer just like a printer. Look up Boss Kut Gazelle, Pazzles, Cricut Expression (some firmware versions can be driven by computer), and Black Cat Cougar. These machines are mostly in the $250-$600 range.

If you need something that can handle thicker or larger media, then you're talking a lot more money.

I've never seen one of these at a Kinkos or similar, but you may be able to find a local crafter who will cut out your design for you for a small fee.

Puzzles punch Inspiration get that praise, why not use them all?

I'll put down to lack of marketing, which has not seen the puzzle cutting machine, become as successful as could be. Puzzles punch did a splendid job and has been compared by many to be well above the Cricut machine omnipresent. I suppose that if policymakers Puzzles are simply not doing enough to promote their own product .. or it may be because Puzzles machine is rumored to be made by the creators, same brand Cricut Die cutting machine, however, the Cricut is a earning money as he has added parts and cartridges available for purchase, compared with inspiration Cutter Puzzles, This is simply a moment of purchase with a small ongoing cost. We can only speculate!

However, do not be discouraged from buying an electronic Puzzles Inspiration Cutter. This great machine can cut, relief, engraving, and anguish Pierce various types of suitable materials for your scrapbook projects ... but there is a great advantage ... no cartridges required! When you buy Puzzles cut the inspiration for the software that allows you to create and design your own images, from many sources are outside the scanner and photos, or you can use any image that can be downloaded from the network or already on your computer. Fantastic!

As for the Xyron Wishblade, you can use any font true Punching type to create puzzles using the machine. You can make titles, overlays and more. It has amazing features such as monitoring Automated image, and reduce his workload, he is also automated welding.

However, Puzzles machine will not be limited to scrapbooking. You can use the electronic machine Puzzles inspiration for making cards, transfers of his own design, make your own personalized images and any home project you can dream. Sounds unbelievable right?

So take Puzzles in comparison with other cutting machines currently market. The purchase of the original puzzle is certainly a little more expensive than the Xyron Wishblade, but has the advantage of being able to die cut into one password, as opposed to the Wishblade often requiring multiple passes. Puzzles The device also allows you to assemble their own sources, instead of having to use separate software to create the same effect when using the Wishblade. The major advantage of the range of puzzles is more Cricut die cutting machine is that no cartridges required!

Well, must admit that sometimes, the cartridges are great, as you can get a license images already conceived in large figures and sources, which would otherwise be difficult to find for free on the Internet.

But really, I begin to wonder why so people like the Cricut Puzzles now done more? To be honest, it is down slightly in possession of a machine Puzzles: as Wishblade cutter, which is based on a connected computer, so it's not as portable as the range of Cricut cutting machines. If only you will keep your creations preferences stored in the puzzles, then it would be truly portable and competitive with the Cricut! But honestly, is seriously worth a look this beautiful punch.

Jenny James is a scrapbooking addict who bought her first machine, the Sizzix Original Die Cutting Machine many moons ago. Now she takes her passion for scrapbooking die cut machines to her review website Here you can also purchase the Pazzles Inspiration Cutter.


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