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Vista Recovery?

I tried to restore my computer to factory settings recovery partition my hard drive by PC Angel. However, it seems to happen at a time when Vista has been installed and started and then just hang on white screen with the logo of Microsoft Vista and a box with a computer icon and a magnifying glass, as if she is looking for a file. I left the race for more than 12 hours and does not seem to react. It is also impossible to the desktop of Vista, but I know it is running in the background. Any suggestions to solve this problem?

Why use PC Angel?? Use recovery discs that came with your PC. RTFM.

Flashes 15 times a minute in a murderous Pc-Visual Display (2)

Flashes 15 times per minute on a display screen PC Killer (2)

Huang Recalls Zhuren to note is that some people feel puffy eyes, but not very good attention, with IOP slowly increasing, due to the long ignored, these pressure slowly, "tolerance" of. If there is a certain triggers, will be a sudden epidemic. Patients with high myopia, the diabetes, high intraocular pressure of patients and family history of glaucoma are open angle glaucoma in the population at high risk. regular review eyes is the best way for early detection of glaucoma. Proposal persistent feeling of bulging eyes, it is preferable to have glaucoma excluded.

Retinal Posting: young patients with myopia should also be protected against

Symptoms: Suddenly one day, a sharp decline in vision, title = "Sony Battery VGP-BPL2"> Sony Battery VGP-BPL2 like a black veil covered little little, eventually cover the entire field of vision of the eye. This is the very rapid onset of retinal detachment. In patients with high myopia (600 degrees) and disease populations ocular trauma relatively easy.

Expertise: As an increasing number of patients suffering from myopia, diseases the retina is also increased, Chien-Ning Huang, director told reporters at the clinic, she also had some of the school admissions detachment of the retina, students themselves relatively high degree of myopia, combined with the pressure induced by mental factors.

If retinal has occurred, then it can surgery. But since then not to heavier craft or participate in violent sports, not objects of weight-bearing, to avoid the collision of eyes or head. Recommended for patients with high myopia touching the eye once a year.

Other diseases may be difficult to see "Alarm"

1. Intracerebral hemorrhage: Chien-Ning Huang, director says journalists who had been a case of students academics for patient admission was suddenly one day to see what ghosts.

After excluding lesions of the fundus, the experts recommended that it was a scanner, and found a blood vessel ruptured intracranial hemorrhage, bleeding in the small nerve compression optics, so that the vision has become blurred. Fortunately, blurred vision, also remember that early detection of vascular rupture and severe, leading with bleeding, the consequences would be disastrous.

2. Diabetes: Diabetic retinopathy is a common complication of diabetes and severe prevalence of diabetes in the city is about 25% -50%.

Patients newly diagnosed with diabetes is transient myopia. Due to a sudden increase of lead blood sugar and higher osmotic pressure, enlargement of the lens of the eye, by changing the refractive index caused by blurred vision. But once the sugar in the blood to restore sight is restored. Many people are unaware have diabetes, but you do not have annual custom of blood sugar control, which leads to diabetes, long-term cover-up after years of medical treatment is retinal bleeding, while blood glucose was found only after suffering title = "Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery "> Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery retinopathy.

3. Cervical spondylosis: white collar and a bow those who work in more or less a cervical problem. Similarly, eyes blurred vision, eye pain, too, there is a possibility of a herniated disc reaches the cervix. In due to a herniated cervical disc, may be the removal of the vertebral artery system nervous, causing deformation of the edema optic nerve. This disease is most severe cervical spondylosis.


Multi-point drops useful than a nod to

One of them, and not put the computer in the window to avoid reflection of light from the overhead caused by the radiation, which causes the computer screen is not clear.

2, the upper height of the display unit is slightly below eye level, like the line, putting the best place is the computer center of the screen should be about 20 degrees below the eye line of sight places.

Thirdly, the computer screen and the distance of 60 cm from the eye is appropriate.

4, often opening and closing to increase the secretion of tears, to nourish the eye effect. Watching a computer screen at intervals 1 hour must stand for 10-15 minutes, if Biqiyanjing of view and thus obtain absolute rest.

Similarly, the eye muscles also need exercise every morning, day, evening, more than a glance, looked away, so that the crystals are in constant motion and relaxation contraction. Or exercises eyes. Hands rubbing your eyes on the functions of the bloodstream.

5, if the normal eye is easy to dry, you can add artificial tears. But there is no point to note is that the more general a bottle with a better preservation, it is advisable use more than three times per day.

6 attention to light stimuli. Many white-collar playing at night so as not to affect other often you have to stop lights, computer screens light directly stimulate the eye, the right eye was seriously injured.

7, the Office of tea can be a moderate number of title = "HP Pavilion zd8000 battery"> HP Pavilion zd8000 battery chrysanthemum tea, Chinese wolfberry tea, green tea, seed of Cassia.
Do not wear contact lenses cold

In the following circumstances are not allowed to wear contact lenses: the

1. A cold. When your hands are often the result of a cold with many viruses, the glasses when entering the eyes of the virus easily. In addition, medicines against cough and cold anti-pain back tears ingredients, makes contact lenses to reduce the amount of lacrimation is transparency too dry, reduce, which affects vision.

2. menstruation. Passing the time and because women range from a few days before menstruation, intraocular pressure are often higher than usual, eyes, four weeks will be easier congestion, especially those of the disease of dysmenorrhea in women, and whether the use of contact lenses, a negative effect on the eyes.

3. During pregnancy. Pregnant because of hormonal changes for women, so that the water content has also changed the body, swelling of eyelids, thickening of the cornea, especially pregnant after 3 months, a more obvious thickening with normal lenses are not matching, which leads to irritation of the eyes.

4. The decline in immunity. Therefore, partial resistance eyes, decreased tear secretion decreases, bacteria from a large number of players for the metabolic products of bacteria deposited between the cornea and lens, causing contact lenses with reduced oxygen permeability, disruption of normal metabolism of the cornea, This bacterial corneal ulcer.

5. The use of colored contact lenses, but also cautious. Because the color film with a lot color, that light is not properly delivered to the eye, and a special lens structure is tighter than contact lenses normal eyes more dangerous.

Not everyone can do laser surgery

At each entrance examination in hospital for excimer laser surgery for many young people. Some even believe that poor vision has nothing to do, however, surgery possible in the future. But if you do not take care of their own eyes, you can not even possibility of surgery.

molecular laser correction surgery of the cornea refraction, as a degree of adaptability. In general, myopia in the 100-1500 degrees, but patients should not be less than 18, short-sighted and should be relatively stable for over two years, changes every year, preferably less than 50 degrees. Well accompanied by some eye diseases or systemic diseases that can not do the surgery with excimer laser in clinical practice is divided into information-cons absolute and cons-indications.

Cons-indications are mainly three categories: 1, keratoconus glaucoma, severe dry eye active ocular inflammation, 2, correction of poor vision in people with severe visual impairment, 3, Wound healing on disease systemic such as diabetes, self - autoimmune diseases.

Commonly used with a degree in computer can be a bit surface points

Some people often because it is relatively good vision in one eye, so reluctant to glasses. However, this is equivalent a human shoes flat shoes put on his heels, is very negative, it tends to drag a good field of vision.

When an operation long term, especially in times If you want to work on the screen before the time of 4.5 hours, I suggest you should be equipped a surface ship. It may be less regulation, to mitigate the risk of fatigue.

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