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Help bunch ... the little black dress?

I attend a wedding in September ... For the rehearsal dinner ... improve planning to bring 1 an eyelet white dress just below the knee braces and a white carnation apartments light blue jacket. For planning MY wedding wear ... A rule of court little black dress is still a little below the knee. Made of a cotton fabric. Metallic sandals with ribbons and beads earrings with glass beads and little Champagnes same happens to the collar. Someone like a detour? And anyone can give me ideas for makeup and hair? TKS!

Yes, your computer sounds is only perfact cute.It does not want a wedding shadow on the bride. I wish you a good time at the wedding.

How to Make Perfume lastlonger

Throughout his life that could have been looking for this target = "_blank perfume"> perfect to become his signature fragrance. You may have visited many shops, hundreds of bottles by inhalation and decided to make one of them his favorite. A perfume composition, storage, your skin type and even the sunlight, play an important role in how long a fragrance. If you really want your perfume to be longer, then you must choose the scents that are rich in sensual notes that the Orientals / orange vanilla (Samsara, Angel, Spellbound, Coco, Shalimar) or chypre oak moss and bergamot (Woman, Miss Dior Mitsouko,).

Make sure you wash the skin before applying the perfume. Not Never use perfume to mask the odor of his body. Perfume works only for a short period after its smell her perfume corporal leads to unpleasant odors and skin problems. Stratification will perfume the scent lasts longer. Layers begins in the shower. Use soap, shower gel, shampoo or conditioner desired flavor. After drying towels, lotion or moisturizer to slather on the fragrant smell of his body. Some perfumes also take the form of talcum powder all over her body before getting dressed. The implementation of a flavor layers --- for example, using perfumed body lotion and wash followed by the colony --- the smell remains. If you do not want to layer your smell, less perfume or cologne on your skin hydrated just before dressing.

pulse points play an important role in the case, we apply our fragrances. These are the sectors that produce heat in turn releases the scent of her perfume. pulse points are in the temples, the base of the throat, between her breasts, wrists and elbows. pulse points that you have to pay more attention are at the back of the knees and ankles. Because travel in aroma, the flavor of these places are very important. And most people skip these points when applying pulses of perfume. Do not apply behind the ears - on the contrary, from by line of the jaw near the ear. There are certain glands behind the ears to interact with the smell of your perfume.

Sputtering target = "" perfume> _blank before putting clothes or jewelry before use. Some perfumes leave indelible stains on clothing and accessories, especially synthetic fibers beads. Spray and brush your hair with a favorite scent and run it in your hair. You are given a distinctive smell to your hair.

Spray yourself a distance of 12 inches, then move the scented cloud that you create. This helps distribute fragrances throughout the body. For the aroma of long duration, is to spray right after you left the shower, because the pores are still open. Do not use perfumes to replace your deodorant or antiperspirant. Perfumes and deodorants different purposes. You can use perfumes and deodorants and antiperspirants, while in your body.

For the ladies, who can use a small cotton ball soaked in your favorite perfume to your wife bra to smell print long. This way you can avoid the application of law in the folds of skin scent in this area, where the sweat may cause irritation.

perfumery carefully, manufacturers believe that the life of a fragrance is three to five years, depending on their ingredients and storage. light or heat is a poison for the fragrance, as it may change the composition of the fragrance or color. The best storage place for the perfume is put into his original box and stored at room temperature may be in a sock or underwear drawer. A dark or opaque bottle will also the smell more than clear. One of the reasons why the aromas evaporate quickly because of dry skin. Perfume containing alcohol evaporate as quickly. Another way to make perfume perfume last longer is to apply the lotion before applying your fragrance. Lotion the aroma itself is a great way to make your perfume last longer time. Humidity prolongs the effect of a perfume. Perfume work better in a humid environment. So if you have dry skin, you should put a little moisture to improve its moisture content. Choose a moisturizer which has an odor similar to that of her perfume will increase the effect of his perfume. Make sure you spray perfume in the common pressure points like the neck, wrists and the backs of your knees. These pressure points are still moist enough to make your perfume smell a prolonged effect.

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