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What would I need to make QUALITY jewelry, where would I buy products?

Ok I have decided to invest some time and money into some jewelry making products and give it a go.

Thing is I have been looking on ebay and all the chains and findings seem to be either gold or silver plated.

I need quality products like solid silver or gold?? How many people actuallty use plated stuff? How long does it last for?

What is the name of the wire/thread/string I need to make jewelry with genuine pearls, good quality beads etc...

I have some designs ready, and even if they dont sell, its still a hobbie but I dont want them to be made like the cheap stuff that comes out of china...

If you want solid gold or silver, it's going to be expensive. Buy Bead &Button and see the supplier's list at the back.

The wire and cord I use to string are tiger tail and nylon. I prefer nylon because tiger tail ocassionally stain beads. They also sometimes don't fall as nice and the necklace will be crooked if the owner stuffs the necklace into a small bag or something .

I use plated stuff because it's not easy selling solid gold (silver is okay but I use it for my expensive looking pieces). The plated stuff can last a year.

Pearl Jewelry Care Tips

Pearls are one of the most attractive and valuable jewelry pieces around, this is the reason why you should always take care of them well and they are regularly cleaned. Protect your pearls clean, and to ensure that they are in the best condition, extended their life and keep it glowing and radiant. The following tips are just some of the ways you can take care of your pearl jewelry.

The simplest thing you can do to help your bright and shiny beads is to clean your pearls after each time you wear it. All you have to do is to be a damp cloth soaked in warm water, was mixed with a little soap and wipe your pearls carefully, especially if you were they for long hours.

Pearls, the organic designed to react badly to any sort of chemical substance, it may be suspended. This is the reason why you need to protect it and ensure that it is not exposed to any man-made chemicals. The most common form of chemicals, the effects on pearl jewelry, happens to perfumes and cosmetics. However, in order to prevent your pearls are not contaminated, all you have to do is make sure that you take your last peal jewelry, after you have applied all the necessary cosmetics and lotions.

If you to save your pearl jewelry should always remember to save them in a bag made of silk, usually by the pearl jewellery. These bags allow air circulation and profit your pearls in the long term, compared to any other type of plastic container.

Also, if you intend to save the beads for a long time, you should remember not to store them with jewelry or other sharp objects. This is very important, as pearls can very easily scratched, which is the reason why they should always be stored alone, well protected and away from all sharp object.

It should also make sure that pearls are not exposed to any type of heat. Instead, you should always keep in a cool place where the temperature is rising steadily and the temperature of a bedroom. At times, people inadvertently leave their pearls near a radiator or television, leaving their pearls suspended the heat of these electrical appliances. This is of the utmost importance, as pearls can not resist high temperatures, due to the fact that they were conceived and in the sea, where the temperature is very cool.

You can also submit your pearl jewelry for restringing once a year or once in two years. Over time, especially with an increased wear, the strings of your pearls together tend to weaken that is the reason why you need to make your pearl jewelry at an experienced jeweler can advise you about the best time for your jewelry restringing.

These are just some of the ways you can use your pearl jewelry in the best condition possible, and maximize the joy that pearls, the large and consistently to glow in light.

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