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Black gold, white, yellow, silver and Tahitian pearls wholesale farmer Lombok higher in Indonesia?

Lombok Golden Pearls We are cooperating providers South services 15 farmers joined a Lombok Golden Pearls Wed partnership held in bulk gold beads, black pearls, white pearls, yellow pearls grains and silver, natural gloss offers several low-level simulated pearls and high AA + round, baroque, drop, button, circle, oval-shaped keshi, our more technical (GEM), a reflection mirror shine excellent luster, nacre is very tick and almost no staining of the highest international quality standard size of about 9 mm over 20 mm up the prices of wholesale in bulk grain kilos (batches) and collecting the best option is you some beautiful pearls in Lombok Island Indonesia and more information, visit

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Enjoy the colors, shapes and designs of beaded jewelry

Pearls are calcareous concretions, produced by a particular species brightness and some shellfish. These are valued as pieces of personal adornment. Pearl Jewelry is always stylish, chic and trendy, if This is a pearl necklace, pearl earrings and pearl bracelets. Pearls are versatile, stylish and classic jewelry.

asks Pearl

Pearl Jewelry is always a mystical and lasting appeal, which can be admired for years and years. There is a call to any class woman who wears it. Women can adapt to any type of dress with beaded jewelry. This means that the beads are available in different colors like pink, blue, purple, black, yellow, green, etc. For a woman, no problem matching costume jewelry. For a woman, the pearls are gift of nature and can not be given by the upper middle class and the elite.

Pearl Care

The beads are fragile, they must be addressed. You always keep your beaded jewelry for the hair spray, makeup and cologne, they can damage your expensive jewelry. Generally, most traders selling pearls in a silk bag. Do not combine your freshwater pearls with other jewelry. Always clean your jewelry with a soft cloth. If your pearls begin to lose its brightness, you must ensure that their use, such as natural body oils to renew the moisture content and the brightness jewelry again as a new brand.

Pearl Variety

The quality of pearl jewelry has been brought to cultured pearls, beads Natural freshwater pearls are round. In the world of beautiful beaded jewelry, round white beauties are valuable because they are exceptional and rare. Women particularly appreciate its versatility and originality due to the variety of colors, shapes and softness. If you are only think of the white round pearl jewelry is the time to focus on the most attractive pieces. The round pearls, rice, oval, potato, button, coin, circle, etc. Although the traditional cycle in the form of white pearls have their own charm, you can try to go to the last varieties available dashboard.

Freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls are often designed for the column of fashion jewelry. These beads are almost all the colors of the rainbow. They are available and are more beautiful than round pearls Akoya saltwater. Next time when you try to buy jewelry, try to go for the pearls of all colors, you can get for your computer.

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Pearl Jewelry which is made from freshwater pearls is always stylish, fashionable and trendy, whether it is pearl necklaces, pearl earrings or pearl bracelets.


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