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What should I name my online store for handmade jewelry?

I want to open an Etsy shop to sell my jewelry, but I can not find a good name. My jewelry is simple and versatile, designed for young adults to middle-aged women primarily. I can use the money, antique brass and copper wire former are combined with different colored crystals, beads and metal spacers, pearls, etc. My name is Ana and my last name starts with a K. I am open to my name, including title, but one should not. It is important, however, that my name that matches my style and is catchy and easy to remember. Thanks in advance for your help.

Here are my suggestions: 1. Detailed Hannah 2. Hannah Jewelry 3. Vintage HK 4. Jewelry Hope this helps Color Explosion! I'm really bad with names, but I really helped wait! Can you answer my questions? Thanks!

The necklaces are a stylish addition to your collection of exquisite jewelry.

Any woman who has jewelry, must have an entire collection. Already If necklaces of pearls, or gold necklaces and maybe even a diamond necklace, this jewelry is always welcome.

A gold chain like a bit dated with all the varieties available in precious metals today. Why settle for a gold chain around his neck dull when you can have a polished platinum necklace around his neck. Considering a pearl necklace or choker wrapped around his neck can leave some of you think pearls are boring and something that my great grandmother wear. Well think again! ..

A pearl necklace is not as dated as you might think. You can get a pearl necklace at a very reasonable and there are many designs out there for all ages. Here is a list of some are available:

- Water freshwater cultured pearl necklace with a filigree heart - a beautiful collection of freshwater pearls, with a lock and a silver filigree detail
heart charm.

- Eternity Necklace - sterling silver, the insertion of 10 freshwater pearls suspended from a silver snake chain. The string ends with a wink Lobster
and decorated with an inch slope of 1 / 2.

- Pearl and agate necklace - This piece is in black and white beads that are mixed with agate and sterling silver and highlighted by a trio of spinning

- Pearls with Aquamarine - This beautiful piece combining freshwater pearls with aquamarine blue silver spacers and. This piece is beautiful and can be
be used for all occasions.

- Tin Cup Pearl Necklace - This colorful show is twenty pearls freshwater floating pink and white rows in 14 kt gold son.

His collection is not complete without them, whatever your budget, is a necklace for all tastes and bank balance.

Online shopping has never been so easy. Take the task of shopping and sitting in his chair and browse through an impressive array of fine jewelry with our links and see what you can find bargains.

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