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Have you ever wondered what it sees a blank page?

There must be a strange sight to see someone come to you with tools in hand ... you stab and slash at you with pens and pencils and brushes to give it a makeover. Can not say, "Yes please, stop! You're a terrible artist and let me ugly! "Because you have no mouth. What is done to see if a blank page could?

I think all I saw was a lot of possibilities. Would be beautiful, ugly, poor, a person, animal, place, idea? Would you mind, or simply be forced and ill at ease? Would it be crossed, grated wrote, have a history for people to appreciate? It is lively, shy and quiet? Would it be added, or store some files lost in silence IIN black? that is what would be a document to see, I think.

How to buy a suitable recording pen

Points optional Digital Voice Recorder MP3 technology and the technology is similar, when the diffusion production technology, production and lowering the threshold has become a common recording pen electronics, so that the market for the brand in the digital voice recorder is much products.Is price between a large gap in quality of the latter to the large number of consumers in buying a few difficulties, is it better to choose the digital voice recorder do? Here's to you briefly the purchase of a digital voice recorder should be noted that a number of issues. (A) the length of recording time of recording time technical indicators digital voice recorder is more important, is concerned about the majority of consumers to buy a majority. Various products of the length of time between the recording is very different because the goals pendrive and recording capacity, the compression algorithm, and some goods for a period of registration is the last due to its use high compression rate for compressing audio data, which is a matter of compression can sometimes reduce the quality of the recording. Therefore, can not blindly pursue the election of a longer time, but the quality of the recording time and recording a account balance recorded a single time, but the poor recording quality is not enough. The current recording time digital recording pen 6-10 hours to meet the needs of most people. (B) the schedule of the battery power consumption electronic products is important indicator, but on important occasions, as a possible emergence of electronic products, digital voice recorder in the battery life of more than one Consumer Product regular mail. Obviously, I did not because the battery is dead and led to an important meeting registration empty, or an interview was interrupted by replacing the battery. Overall, digital voice recorder have been taken over is a small AAA battery and some smaller products were used button batteries and rechargeable battery integrated 1 GB Pen Recorder products. The advantage of using normal batteries can replace the battery takes a long time to use for the occasion, while the use Rechargeable batteries are cheaper. Energy consumption due to different brands of products has a large gap and a battery of different capacity is different, we need an account together, these two factors to select the batteries in 6 hours of digital recording pen, of course, the longer the better.
(C) the proper use under the pen of the digital recording is primarily for recording, of course, have a high demand for quality sound, in general the sound quality is better than some of the tape recorder. The sound quality and collection (Eg, known as the microphone) as a collection, the compression algorithm. Dynamics of the pill his best, but limited to the cost, size and energy reasons, the vast majority of products using a simple electret van, while the circuit and compression algorithms depends the ability of manufacturers and at the same time, many people should note that the recording pen is usually a sign of MS recording mode LP and so on, SP, said the short period of time ShotPlay model, this approach is not very high incidence of compression, quality Sound is better, but the recording time is short. The LP said plate, a mode of time, the compression, some reduction in quality sound. The recording time, often to save a little, we can see that the sound quality is also a need for a review world. Of the above causes a variety of products have differences, to purchase digital recording pen has not yet really test, burn up a sound, then listen carefully to the audio quality if the noise, the better comparison is to listen to some, only used after their own understanding of the true quality of the recording pen digital pen Voice recorder you have to say imports of branded goods, such as Sanyo, JNC, Olympus would be a better sound quality. Sony and Samsung in the sensitivity Microphone poor major national civil price is about the same price as a fraction of imported brands, this can be decided according to the Consumer energy buyers.

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