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What is the name of the old back to school jc penny commercial? by black eyed peas?

The Boogie That Be

Then again, they may have been their song that was on the HP commercial

: )

What To Give To Penny? Glasses!

In the latest update TV series The Big Bang Theory, Penny and Leonard seemed to have some problem with each other. For those who are keeping watching this TV series must have known how eager Leonard who is with  eye glasses is to have Penny back. What could Leonard do now to cover the hurt between the two of them? Well, we are not characters in the play and then why not hear something Leonard’s best friend says before we are going to think about the solution ourselves?
“Sheldon, as the roommate of Leonard and having seen the situation between Leonard and Penny recently, could you give them some suggestions to heal their relationship?”
“Me? You ask me? Well, first of all, I want you to have the knowledge if you haven’t got it. I am a doctor with a PhD who studies the major of physics and I have a lot of awards in almost every field. And nowadays I have been on the subject of searching for the secret of the black hole which obviously will take me quite a lot of time and which of course people like you who are asking me such kind of question would never have the chance to know…….”
“Excuse me but where is your point about my question since you are the most intelligent of all here?”
“Intelligent? Well, I would be called clever until I was deprived of some of my IQ which actually means I am more than clever or intelligent, ok?”
“Well, as to your question which in my opinion is quite simple, my answer is only one word--- eye glasses which could be given to Penny as a gift that might be the similar type of those of Leonard.”
“Glasses similar to Leonard’s?”
“Yes, for those who like each other I think the best way is to give them some kind of mark so as to show that they are a couple. Just like the way animals choose and protect their lands.”
“Well, glasses for lovers might be a good choice except for your animal theory. Anyway, thank you, Dr. Sheldon Cooper.”
“You are welcome since it is just a piece of cake or me.”
Ok, according to what Sheldon says, we can see that we may give Penny a pair of glasses for lovers so as to be a perfect partner with Leonard.

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