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"I can use an indelible ink on a rubber stamp common?

Do you still sell permanent ink pads? I sponge plastic only the regular ink bleed. Thanks!

Yes we can! Ask your local store for scrapbooking permanent ink. A brand StazOn is called and comes in a variety of colors. You may also need a solution for cleaning your stamps StazOn If you do not want them to be colored with indelible ink.

Riding your album

So I decided to create their own piece of art. Here's the process step by step, you can follow to create a memoir of a guy ...

Shopping ·.

Yes, the best part of all. It is as exciting as the celebration of your birthday. And no one can resist. Shop for supplies you need. Sales of key products like the album, albums charging, stickers, cards, decorations, paper, pens, punches, stamps, stamping, stickers, scissors and everything you need for your album.

Tip: Buy only adhesive acid-free signage in permanent and non-fade inks and pens. Its purpose is to preserve objects of interest for many years. These things will save you play with your notebook.

· Run your memories.

Get all the pictures you can. Depending your theme and the goal is to achieve, can be sorted according to their relations on the other. For example, you can make a bibliography through the book, then take pictures of his childhood until today. Sort according to the year they were taken.

Tip: If you have old photos, make sure your hands are clean. Old photos can be easily destroyed the oil and dirt from his hands. Old photos are delicate to be handled with care.

Another tip: If you want to preserve old photographs, allows scan on the computer and make a copy. Doing this will also allow you to change the image quality of the culture or simply want to participate.

Tip: If you want to take some recent photos, use digital cameras. This way, you can take as many pictures as you can without wasting film. Send the pictures you took, then print the ones you have selected.

° together all the supplies

Leave your imagination takes you everywhere. The sources you have, create an album that is truly theirs. Decorate the album cover to the general theme. A delicate combination of color documents, pens, photos, and creativity that allow you to create a good home. The interior of each page of different drawings.

For decorations In addition, you may consider the use of paper trimmers, punches, circle cutters, leaders ball decorative paper tail feather ride, or putting in some templates, stickers, clip art equipment, rubber stamps and colorful decorations can be seen in magazines. Use the right adhesive to ensure that you have placed in your scrapbook. There are several of them: adhesive pads double sided tape, photos, glue pens, photo corners, non-permanent adhesive, squares or strips, glue sticks, and cola bottle.

· Put it all together

The hardest part of making scrapbook everything is all together, and following these tips:

Your options are more flexible if you are using photocopied images. You can cut into different shapes and sizes or you can choose the size of the image. Turn pages easier if you keep the free space, then decorate afterwards.

The best way to cut paper and photos using this trick: Think twice and cut without hesitation. Use a pair of scissors. Exploring your creativity on the field, get maximum impact for each page of your album.

Journal · the

Adding a further manuscript creation. Add some titles, names, dates to give a hand touches personal to each page. The use of models and paper cuts would be greater.

When using the feathers, make sure which are acid free to avoid degradation of image scrapbook. Use different colors for each page.

You can ask your friends and family members to help you write something on the pages.

· Finishing Touch

Put a little extra decoration and finishing touches. Labels, forms in hand, and bits of paper are things you can add your final touch. Complete pages carefully and share it with friends.

Now that you have your own laptop, you can add pages at any time and you can keep your memories as long as you keep your album alive.

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