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GBC Swingline SmartCUT Accucut A300 rotary cutting Lite Review


  • The Accucut GBC Rotary Trimmer A300 also marketed under the Swingline SmartCUT Lite. Although these two cutters have different names, are identical.
  • The A300 is a capacitor Rotary adaptation Personal has been designed to cut paper, scrapbook pages, presentations, projects of desktop publishing and more.
  • It is designed to be an economical solution for home offices and small offices looking for the opener at low volume.

Strengths / Features:

  • The Swingline SmartCUT Lite offers a 12 "cutting length is ideal for trimming documents as large as 11 "X 17" size. It can also be used to cut 12 "x 12 scrapbooking paper.
  • The A300 has a rule Accucut top of the mower that offers both metric and imperial. It also has a alignment grid printed on the basis of the cutting unit. The alignment grid is ideal for helping to ensure a straight cut you at all times.
  • The cutting blade of the A300 moves along transparent fence allows users to see exactly where the road trip. This helps ensure more accurate cuts possible.
  • The Lite is equipped with a blade SmartCUT round stainless steel which can cut up to 10 sheets of paper at once. However, the mower can also be equipped with a drill to perforate the paper sheets or a wave cutting blade to add decorative trim for his role.
  • The A300 has a handful Accucut convenient and comfortable travels along a metal track. To cut a document need only press lever blade.

Weaknesses and limitations:

  • The GBC A300 is Accucut primarily for personal and office home. For this reason, it is almost entirely plastic. The GBC A400pro Accucut the same size and offers the same cutting length as the A300, but uses metal components instead of plastic. Plastic components that the A300 much less durable than top professionals rotary degree.
  • Although SmartCUT Lite is classified to cut up to ten sheets of paper, not really ideal for cutting more than a few sheets of paper at one time. It's really more of a clipper cut. A guillotine paper cutter is best for cutting stacks of paper, while a rotary cutter is used best for cutting laminated documents and other materials.
  • The A300 uses a carpet special tribunal which is placed under the cutting blade Rotary. The section ensures the quality of cut provided by the mower. The cut should be removed or replaced periodically to ensure reductions high quality. It's always a good idea to keep an extra cutting mat on hand in case you need to replace the carpet in his court.


  • For organizations that need to cut some documents or if you want to add a decorative border or a perforated section your documents SmartCUT Lite is a logical choice.
  • However, it is important to recognize that this is a cutter that is designed for personal use. The plastic construction of the A300 is a decent selection of scrapbooking and crafts. However, it is far from Ideal for commercial or any type cuts volume.
  • It is also important to remember that SmartCUT lite is designed as a lawnmower not a court. For volume cutting, guillotine paper cutter is a better solution.


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