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I think making the big question!?

I was with his girlfriend for 5 wonderful years. and I decided to ask in marriage, but I'm not sure how to ask! this is what I have in mind: Put the rose petals and Hershey kisses around court house and arrows of construction paper and place them on the floor pointing the room when he opened the door and kisses petals are everywhere in the bed, placed a heart-shaped, with a handwritten letter or style of book memories that reads: "Now that I filled with roses and kisses will you marry me?" so I plan to enter the room and get on one knee and ask the question again ........ Tell me what you think ..... Cheesy, silly, I like positive or negative feedback, and suggestions, even!

Sounds like Romantic Offer a great idea! I am sure that his daughter fainted at the sight of them. The ideas are often the most romantic cliché, but without doubt the girl feel touched! Good luck! (:

Gifts practices: having custom made by hand by hand and the house

Giving gifts, especially for birthdays, weddings, baptisms, graduations and others is a tradition practiced by almost everyone in the world. Of course, there are times when you find it difficult to find the perfect gift for your special friend or someone in particular. It can help you build the gift that will give you the personality of the person you give. We also need information what he or she likes or dislikes.

Special occasions come only once a year, sometimes once in his life. That day, a simple gift is good to have. It may be a birthday, anniversary, graduation, Thanksgiving and Christmas, among others, the gift is usually practiced by almost everyone in the world. It can go from one element or more believed that extravagant gifts. Whatever you give, the line that says that never ends "is the thought that counts" is still valid. It's nice to receive gifts, but the real excitement will give them. It's not just you, but difficulties than any other experience in the search for the perfect "Gift" is really hard to decide what you can give, especially if you need to follow a budget.

Here are some tips you can work with:

View Event principal or the theme of the celebration. Namely, sex, age of your beneficiary, your favorite color and favorite things you love the most and the things you do not. It is best to know all this so you can evaluate the most likely gift you give. Well Of course, if a member or friend will not be as difficult to assess what he or she wants or needs.

However, when it is the anniversary his boss' son or a right of entry and a distant relative, it will help if you understand how to correlate all the information you know about this person. Let us start from someone and you can not find the perfect gift for her, but she learns that her favorite color is purple, and she has an allergy jewelry. It is a kind of sport girl who likes to work and play volleyball. It is also one of the best students in her class and enjoys reading. This type of girl is not easy to simply bestsellers, a pair of running shoes, jewelry nickel, or the latest digital video of a cardiovascular work at. Problems can occur if you have all these things.

However, you can think of a perfect gift based on the facts to that person. It is easy buying gifts, but the real value of the gift depends on the effort to locate and is the perfect gift for that person.

Therefore, to return to the example above, if it has already bestsellers and all I can always think, can not think outside the box and wondered what else could promote this special day. Well, one suggestion would be to seek a bracelet, necklace or anklet that you can have your name engraved on it, or you can have the initial of his name attached to the necklace as a pendant. It can be classic and old school, but lots of love and this has an effect on the subconscious rather that it is precious and worth using.

If the book will give you the best-seller, you can add a personalized tag with your name, nickname or initials. You'll find it available in some bookstores or you can improvise, be creative and make one yourself. It is easy to do, just the right materials like a plastic cord or metal, large beads, which may enter the food chain, and of course the scores with letters embedded in them. Just hold and insert it into the string and tie a knot to prevent the ball falling. So you have a dialer Custom. This idea is obviously not limited to one person or gender, which could be improved by putting more ideas art in his article.

Otherwise, there are many things you can tailor a specific person. An album with photos of the person or with you, family, friends and school days can be put together. It is a great gift that can act as a kind of memories of a person moving elsewhere. You can even act as a simple reminder of how many years spent together and how exciting it is its location. It can also be arranged in ascending order, depending on the date and time the photos were taken. You can add clippings of your character design Favorite animated or just a little humor to your grave album. Everything depends on creative as can be and how much you want that person to smile when he or she receives your gift book. Some topics are fun pages and the color of your scrapbooking, simple border for the photo, or some memorable things as the ribbon that has a particular image, a petal of your favorite flower, or even a few notes of old friends say good things about it.

It is known that in seeking the most appropriate gift, you can not do it in a way that is rushed and there was only matter of time and thought. You really need to think, be in the shoes of the person and assess whether it is worth giving. Having the best gift does not mean you have to buy something as expensive as a car, a ticket timeshare beach and accommodation Bahamas. It can be seen as something beautiful, even if it's the cheapest gift. It may be an accessory, a small figure that you bought a garage sale, bath salts or scented candles or something that you can add to the collection of the person as stamps, shells and adhesives, among others. Just take your time to evaluate what can be useful.

Therefore, in these days when inflation became a problem important in many countries, it is preferable to give a gift that can be useful and practical sense. There are those who love and adore them when donations are made hand or at home. This is because these things have their time and effort for Invisible burned. This makes your gift special and unique. In Despite these gifts can take your time and talent, surely get the recognition and adoration of the recipient.

Some gifts you can at home are:

• Scented
• Bath Salts
• cake and biscuit
• Baskets
• Bedding
• Socks
• Sweaters
• Frames
• Figures
• Small sculptures

Donations can be different sizes and shapes. It can also mean different things to different people. Therefore, regardless of their size or size of your gift is also the thought behind it that counts.

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