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Does anyone have a manual for a Pfaff 1222 sewing machine please?

This link will show you the basics. Pfaff has a website ... Call customer service and see if they can send a download.

Q & A Industrial Machinery

I stipulation to find an instruction book for my singer industrial sewing equipment room?
Go to the site of Singer see below for the link. When you place your mouse over the choice of the two arrows in a popup menu appears with an option moved for the manual. Source (s):

I want the price of industrial sewing machinery and site Local where on earth can I find?
perferably local and location in Miami, Florida "> Ask brother (who made sewing machines) ... I do not know anything about the Miami area, but should find many options to connect. You price ...

I want to buy an industrial sewing machinery
555h3 an opportunity Pfaff or 545 or a Juki LU563, Someone Has experience with them. I want to use for thick materials. He is a former singer. My boyfriend really. I do not know more about it tomorrow more information email arcadamia (A) I have a friend who wants ...

I want to know the type of accidents that occur surrounded by electrical equipment industrial tool?
presentation purposes is to prevent accidents in industrial machinery machines extremely radial Are you a sermon on this issue and we must ask people in something like Yahoo incidents in these places? I do not think that I ...

I want to buy an electrical appliance industrial sewing cargo port, while returning from here?
Has there been any problems with this type of sewing machines? Is a good buy? There is a base Harbor Freight store is called CAT (A ** expensive tools). You'd be much happier with a machine more competitive. If you need ...

I work surrounded by a metallurgical testing lab and am looking for a device type industrial labeling?
Has anyone heard of a labeling machine that attaches to the workstation so that you can enter all the data you need on the label. It also requests that may be sequence number 1, 2, 3 .... etc. ... But the most important

It seems to me to start a business repairing industrial sewing machines contained in New Zealand?
Do you think is necessary for this? Or there are too many mechanical sewing qualified to talk now? Well, Rachel did not really know how the restriction that exists for a company, adjectives that I can ...

I'm looking for sewing device (can be industrial) that can make a blanket stitch and a chapter.?
Is there a machine? Hi I am Linda Linda SS! cool! The sale Merrow machine company who do a blanket stitch crocheted wire. Merrow machines are robust workhorses of the few years that ended with care and attention. They ...

Looking for a device expensive for industrial sewing?
no information on configuring a young mens and women botique Vela-Rite Enterprises, located in Florida. They have website, but I did not "know the address. Try eBay Source (S): Hi friend Have you try Ebay store selling new sewing machines and used sewing machines? One that ...

In 1900 to test the source of power has led the machines of the industrial revolution?
? / Steam. edition - and electricity. Steam coal for electricity. Source (s): History of the Graduate School of> steam by the steam. Electricity is the driving force behind the industrial revolution 2nd Source (s): ... steam ... Electricity, electricity and electricity. The steam ...

In this era of national characteristics and sexual segregation inquality, how do we mobilize Industry American equipment?
to fight against the impending war. Speaking just before the First World War 2 Encourage women to workforce, and encourage minorities to join the armed forces and join the work force.

Industrial Embroidery - truck flatbed?
You know the sites or the information in this regard? AllBrands has flat embroidery machine industry: ... Braithwaite: If you are willing to travel internationally, tons more. Just Google: industrial embroidery machine flat. No, you must first choose yourself, not

Industrial Laundry detergent, is that good use in a device Domestic washing?
I was offered a lot of work in industrial washing powder (50 bags 7 kg (LB5 a) a bag) .. if I buy sale, but people buy them with the powder inside (the house) washing machines ...

height need industry machine programming of speech?
new programming language to set up high-level horizontal automation Working in the industry in one industry or field around the gossip or the low level of language is too early prgramming used? f level machine programming dialogue are faster and can interact directly with hardware, and also all the languages at Giant ...

Industrial Revolution: What are the disadvantages of machines for cleaning?
Please help, many answers, Thanks! Just today closely with computers using less power man / woman, the much lower salaries. Time is of the essence in ensuring the facility was faster. Example: Sewing machine vs. hand sewn. They were also proud of the efficiency of machines have been in ...

Machines industrial sewing?
"I can use an industrial sewing machine and cloth lightweight high strength? It depends on whether or the tool was not designed to handle the weight of fabrics, and cut strips of heavy cloth or only. industrial machinery tend to be of single-purpose machines. A construction for heavy fabrics may be too ...

Industrial sewing machines?
I need information on the industrial sewing machine, is close to any good place to learn more about some industrial sewing machines. All pages Google says No going by purchasing a used industrial sewing machine, so I'm very confused pls, pls show me the information Thanks page:) Hey, here ...

Industrial sewing device?
I just happened to my industrial sewing machine, after remaining idle for 6 months. The foot seems to be stuck solid ideas on how to communicate? A small piece of good machine spray oil or WD40 teensy should do the trick. (If you use one of them, run ...

Janome Industrial Sewing brochure mechanism DB-J701 deemed necessary.?
Your local Janome may be able to oblige. Here is the website E Janome E-mail and ask them if have a manual.

Industrial sewing room equipment?
How can I adjust stitch length on a sewing machine Juki 553 close? Thank you for the front right lower quadrant, is a wheel with numbers. Rotate each number is either more or less to change the stitch length. Source (s ):...

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